I changed my website

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  • Hamas

    I played about with me website a little, I deleted some stuff that I didn't think was appropiate yet it is still as slow as anything.

    I need cash to send my files to a paid account, and not live off freebie web space.

    Guess Im just tight


    p.s. I put a guestbook in that works this time

  • Hamas

    Yes, thats great Hamas, thanks for sharing it with us.


  • Gopher

    Hey I'd never seen that site before! I found it interesting and easy-to-follow. Good job, if you don't mind my saying so.

    Please don't hate this place. You posted on Sunday morning, and that is the SLOWEST time of the week around here. I guess everyone's at their Kingdom Hall or something.

  • Hamas

    Gopher, LOL

    I don't hate this place, I love it really. Thanks for your comments bro.

  • jelly

    I liked your web site too. Currently I am working on my web skills by taking a JavaScript class, last semester I had HTML. Can I ask how you made your page? Did you hand code everything, including the jscript, or did you have an editor to help? And if you used an editor which one do you prefer? I have both Dreamweaver and FP2000, but I do must of my stuff in editplus (hand code).


  • Dansk

    Hey Hamas,

    I've been to your site a couple of times - even bookmarked it - now go here http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/51344/1.ashx


  • Hamas


    Thanks for commenting on my site. I didn't take that long at all really, Im no web designer so I used other things to help me.

    Search for WEB PAGE TEMPLATES on google, and plenty of free templates should be ready to download. I can't get my head around that HTML lark, but slowly it is coming to me.

    Once you download the template, the best thing you could use is FP2002, its easy enough. Load the template up and then just edit it to look how you like.

    It's good to use free templates. I couldn't even figure out how to make the site look anything other than a huge board of black text against a white background before I discovered them.

    E mail me if you need any more help.

    [email protected]

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