The Ride-Part ll

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    The Ride—Part ll

    Last year, about this time, I posted a new topic about a big group JW motorcycle ride. The Ride has become an annual event now. Thankfully I’m no longer an active jw, but still I enjoy motorcycles and many of my lifelong jw friends that are stillin. This year a bunch from ‘my’ congregation went to the Ride, about 8 of us altogether. The Ride itself is a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday doing something that you love. The barbeque and fellowship afterward are equally enjoyable. Yes, contrary to what you may have heard, some jw’s are really cool people and a bunch of them were there on Saturday. (OMG! They missed field service to do something fun!)

    We gathered at the designated meet up spot about 9 a.m. “Brothers” and “sisters” from all around Northern California. It was an absolutely fabulous day for motorcycle riding. In all, about 70 bikes of all colors, sizes, ages, and makes. Crouch rockets, cruisers, trikes, café racers and bobbers. The riders were also all colors, sizes, ages, and makes. lol. As I milled around talking to my fellow riders, I got the definite vibe that the majority of those “jw’s” that showed up for the Ride aren’t very active jw’s anymore. In fact many of them, like me, at one time were elders, ms’s, pioneers, uber jw’s, etc. but have either learned ttatt and faded, have just lost interest, or have become complacent and are now just enjoying their lives. I gotta say that it’s nice to be among friendly decent people and be able to carry on an interesting conversation without hearing those damn galling words; “Jehovah”, “governing body”, “Armageddon”, “great tribulation” or “theocratic”! As the group began to swell, the “brothers” began to joke about how many ‘worldly’ people would not hear the good news today!

    The time to begin, 9:30, finally arrived and, after a prayer invoking jehober to protect us on The Ride and the Blessing of the Bikes (NOT) lol, we began winding our way through the beautiful wine country of northern California. The morning session was a feast for the eyes and the soul. As we rode past the many well-groomed vineyards and orchards along the sometimes twisting route there were lakes full of water (a semi rare thing in California) lush green hills (only available in early spring time in California) vivid colorful countryside landscape with all the wildflowers this year and the smell of spring time in the air. About noon we all stopped in Calistoga for a light lunch (and the obligatory beer) at Pacifico’s Mexican restaurant. Actually we sort of took over the restaurant. Again the conversation was light, non-judgmental, and no cult talk. Just people having a good time with no F.O.G.!

    The afternoon session of The Ride ended around 4pm after about 4-5 hours of actual riding. Most of us met up at the host brother’s home for the barbeque. I counted 58 bikes lining the street where he lived. Good food. Good beer. Good music (didn’t hear any ‘kingdom’ melodies or any of the jw version Christian music now available on and again Good conversation. We heard that there was only one crash and it was minor. A ”brother” drove his Harley into a ditch. The story is that he got a bit of road rash but thankfully he didn’t lose too much blood and didn’t need a blood transfusion. That could have been a “real” issue! Lol

    It’s too bad that the ‘dream’ that we once had of living forever and being able to enjoy days like we had last Saturday on The Ride just isn’t real. So if any of you reading this post were on The Ride last Saturday let’s hear from you also.

    O well, I had some time this morning so I thought I’d share a pleasant experience!

    Just saying!

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Nice! That sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately I don't live in California, or anywhere near there, otherwise, I would love to have rode along.

    I posted a while back about motorcycles being frowned upon by witnesses, it turns out that in some places it is, but in others it's not a big deal. Curious.

    Sounds like you had an enjoyable ride, and a nice day to do it. Thanks for sharing, and ride safe!

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