Does JW Org Have Goons Like Scientology?

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  • Finkelstein

    No it does not have violent intimating goons.

    But .....

    They do have designated security men overseeing the Assemblies and watching things at Assembly Halls.

  • Counter-Watchtower

    Has anyone seen someone get thrown out for questioning J Org at an assembly question answer time? Or just for questioning in general?

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Counter-Watchtower, yes. A couple of instances caught on camera. Toward the end of both videos is where the person who asked/said the wrong thing was unceremoniously shown the door:

  • Counter-Watchtower

    Dang that last video was awesome! That an opportunity that guy had, and he did a great job.

  • LV101

    I dealt with a goon elder re/verbal abuse worrying about his power (jewish converted to JW) re/firing his daughter for theft -- who was later DF'd for being in a swingers' group. I had no idea he could be DF'd as he was in such a tight circle and I never mentioned the matter to anyone -- only he and his elderette knew I wouldn't let their 18 yr. old work for us any longer plus it hurt their adult-child's chunk change pocket. I could write a book (not unique for any x-witness re/the cult) after couple yrs. dealing with the wanna be power players and their juvenile delinquents in a hall of nepotism. Seriously, they had problems keeping their kids in school re/horrifying behavior problems and these kids weren't being abused at home or school -- dulged beyond. I do, of course, realize many of the clergy-class children/teens are horribly abused by losers JWs.

  • LongHairGal


    Somehow I get the sense that Leah's group is a smarter bunch of people than Jehovah's Witnesses. Not only that, they have more money and resources than the Witnesses have.

    Even though the JWs are capable of having people act as bullies, I consider today's JWs to be very stupid people with a considerable percentage having emotional problems, etc. In my opinion, the other group runs rings around them.

  • stillin

    I knew an evangelical Christian who accepted the invitation to the Public Talk at a convention. He said that everything was fine until the speaker got to the part about gifts of the spirit being done away with after the first century. He stood up and loudly disagreed with him from his seat near the front. But only for a couple of seconds. He was pretty much carried out. Out in the hallway he was reminded that he was a guest and to behave like one. Then he mingled with the hallway crowd and began preaching to them. He was arrested and charged with trespassing. The Society dropped the charges about a year later.

  • carla

    Aren't the elders who stalk people "goons"? Same difference to me.

    A number of stories come to mind, like when an elder puts his foot in the door of someone who is trying to fade and he bullies his way in, I remember one story of a lady who came out of her shower in a towel on the upper floor to find 2 elders in her foyer wanting to talk to her right then and there (that was the gist of the story), then there is the poster here (I apologize for forgetting his name at the moment) who joined the military but the elders were tracking down people who knew him (non jw's) to find out where he was and he finally had to send a pic of himself in his uniform before the elders would quit harassing his friends. The stories are endless.

    Are the elders just as goon like as the Scientologists? I would say so, they may not be physically violent but the power they hold over the mental/spiritual well being of a jw is the same. Not to mention holding all friends and family hostage if one changes their beliefs.

    I had a number of jw women who wouldn't leave me alone years ago. My threats (to my jw) of showing up at the kh and informing the whole damn cong (in my own special way) didn't even stop them. What finally stopped them? A letter to NY that finally made it down the pipeline to the local elders who had to tell the women my house was a do not call. Now why should I have had to go through all that? I would thought the first time I told them to piss off (in more or less words) they would have gotten the hint. Hell no, even the r & f are sometimes "goons".

    I won't even go on about the times my own jw acted "goon" like to friends and family. Maybe they need a 'No, means NO' wt rag to come out? They are like sophomoric boys who think no means yes or maybe. But then we are talking about the wt and we know how they like to redefine words.

  • Wakanda
    I guess this would be a good question to ask. Does JW Org have goons they send after ppl to threaten them? Or to inflict violence on? Or to kill? Such as Scientology and Mormons do?

    Here's a video that comes to mind:

    As to killing, look into the Hospital Liaison Committees.

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