Is the elevated tone of the G.B disappearing..

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    and with it the language in the W.T loosing its authority?

    I ask the question because, with the G.B now appearing before members on their social media, and reluctantly on Royal Commissions my opinion is :-

    A) The G.B can no longer hide like Wells's Invisible Man.

    B) And I believe this shows the elevated authority and language the G.B use for the fiction it is.

    Furthermore in my opinion combining the above with the W.T property empire collapsing many members are now putting two and two together and for the first time making four.

    I also believe the Internet has created a war that even the most indoctrinated J.W can't win. Not if they sincerely challenge their beliefs. How can they now claim being deceived by Wells's Invisable Man?

    So I honestly believe in the soon not so long away future their will remain no excuse for remaining a witness in good standing. Having said that Hitler was never Invisable and he had his followers whilst he carried out the most daring and macabre suffering.

    What is your opinion?

    The Rebel

  • Zoos

    I think they're definitely loosing their grip, slowly. I think people's perception of the GB's elevated spiritual authority is dangling by a thread. But I don't think the GB's perception of themselves has changed one iota. Example: Tony's recent OBEY video.

    I was pondering this just yesterday. I can foresee COs or groups of elders begin to question the GB and demand answers for all the mess going on (particularly money matters). Eventually the GB will be backed into a corner with no defense. They will come out swinging with all the elevated bluster they can manage, "HOW DARE you question Jehovah's authority!"

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Zoos thanks for the reply.

    Now if the Watchtower were to collapse even the G.B will need new employment.

    So what makes a G.B members C.V?

    Name. Geoffrey Jackson.

    Sex: Male

    Education: None

    Other important information.

    Desperately concerned about the poor, but more concerned about negotiating property deals.

    Main interest , employing lawyers to get me out of trouble for making inflationary comments about child abuse, people's sexual preference,and my interpretation of the bible.

    Additional information:- I am super Pious,(I mean humble) and the envy of a world wide cult that has no education and are as deluded as me.

    The Rebel.

  • punkofnice

    Now those men are in the limelight they are displaying for everyone to see, just what fools they are. There was a certain mystique about them when they were behind the scenes. As JWs we imagined all sorts of things, that they were giants among men, that they had god talk to them directly. Now, it's all gone. They are exposed. Of course, the wishful thinking of many JWs will maintain their faith in the 7 pervert popes.

    Like the old Ska song said: "The higher the monkey climbs is the more he exposes."

    The higher the monkey climbs, is the more he exposes
    The higher the monkey climbs, is the more he exposes
    The higher the monkey climbs, is the more he exposes

    I'm not tracing nor complaining on those goings
    He that exalteth himself shall be abased
    Grief always comes to those who love to brag the most
    Meekly wait and murmur not
    You'd better hold on to what you have got
    The higher the monkey climbs, is the more he exposes

    The pervert popes will rely on the R&F NOT watching or knowing about the ARC. They will rely on the R&F believing the pervert pope rules over protecting paedophiles is all satan's fault.

    The GB will continue to be the puppets of those that pull the strings behind the scenes. They are inept, bumbling buffoons. The GB and their masters all deserve the death penalty for crimes against humanity.

  • TheListener

    I think the fact that the GB put up those videos on their website specifically talking about the overlapping generations and whether there has been a slave for 1900 years shows that they are continually getting negative feedback.

    They even said at the end of one of those videos that now you don't need to write in with questions. I guess because they figured all questions were now answered.

  • truthlover123

    They have left themselves out to dry, and showing they are no spiritual people, Herd is the latest to show his face and give a sad update on the state of affairs regarding the dismissal of the Bethelites, special pioneers, etc.

    BUT he did mention the money keeps flowing in -- of course - should he have told the truth, it would have greatly disappointed the R&F - Notice that he did not say those leaving would receive anything for their years of hard work! A loving brother indeed.

  • BluesBrother

    I know several old school dubs who openly pine for the days of Knorr, Franz et al. As Punk said above, those guys had a mystique and gravitas that set them apart. They also showed themselves sparingly , so it was special tjo hear one.

    Now they are shown to be chummy brothers , no different to the locals but not so good speakers. Many of the r & f hold judgement on the raft of changes to "present truth", knowing that it will change again soon.

  • Vidiot

    The Rebel - "...if the Watchtower were to collapse, even the GB will need new employment..."

    If the WT were to collapse, those men would have nothing.

    They would be nothing.

  • JWdaughter
    They are not awe inspiring men among men. They only notable thing is how average to odd that they are considering their roles.
  • Simon

    There used to be some "mystique" to the Governing Body because most people never saw then or really knew who there were much beyond the odd name and small photo in occasional watchtowers.

    Seeing them on their TV show and being poor and evasive witnesses at the commission, unable to really defend their religion other than by blatantly lying must be a huge disappointment for many.

    It reminds me of the expression that "you should never meet your heroes". Now many have had a chance to really see them they realize that they are not so special or skilled or gifted or blessed. Just sad old men who don't have a clue.

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