Good NYT article on gravitational waves discovery

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  • done4good
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    And not just a new discovery either! Astrophysicist will now have a new tool in which they can observe the universe. One of the most interesting aspects is it will allow us to observe black holes up close and personal in a way we never could before.

    It's like inventing the telescope or radio astronomy. It's really going to expand the kind of information we can gather.

  • prologos
    thank you for putting up the article. Before , anything to do with gravity had a long frequency, like our tides, created by the rotation of the earth, not fluctuations of the Moon's pull, his/her's attractiveness. (hah). Interesting about the shrp, an increase in frequencies, before the merger, when no more pulsation occurs, because the gravitational field becomes unified, relatively stable as seen from the distant outside.
  • ttdtt
    Those aren't gravitational waves! It's just god farting!
  • prologos
    ttdtt: "It's just god farting! ---no, can't be. Gravity is always attracting, and the natural gas expulsion is repulsive, when you hear the grave f-sound waves , its time to move away.
  • Finkelstein

    I though god farting was thunder ?

  • prologos
    I though god farting was thunder ? you want us to clap? what rhymes with clap?
  • Finkelstein

    Its impossible to fart on the food they serve in heaven so I hear

  • Mephis

    A huge feather in the cap for American science. 40 years to get the right instruments to measure them. Incredible foresight and scientific good stuff. The impossible takes just a little longer.

  • sparrowdown

    That's exciting news. I remember the Bicep group's announcement back in 2014 turning out to be spacedust, it was disappointing for them.

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