WT opinion about anointed Christians

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  • Finkelstein

    It has to recognized that the WTS. leaders thought themselves anointed specifically for preaching the Gospel as they did, that equated in their own minds that they must be duly rewarded for doing so.

    By that recognition, Jesus only picks the biggest Bullshitters who sell and promote their brand

    of theological Bullshit to the public.

  • FayeDunaway

    It just goes along with the general low esteem they have for their own followers. They are only valuable to them as long as they can be used by them. When they make a claim about themselves, they are 'mistaken' or have mental or emotional problems, meanwhile the GB makes outrageous claims about itself all the time. Is it mental/emotional problems, or are they just 'mistaken'?

  • Finkelstein

    The JWS organization is very much about identity labeling, segmented steps to the assuming and elevated spiritual power.

    Starting with the lowly MS to elders to CO's to DO's to branch heads, eventually leading right up to the highest GB level which is up to the spiritual power of God himself.

    Ironically the GB today now say that a good majority of the spoken anointed are mentally confused are deluded, something they would never come out and say 30 to 40 years ago.

    Then again this shows the delusion brought on by the the original quacks who started this religion such as Russell and Rutherford, proving that even amateur bible theologians can start a religion and make it grow, particularly when they run and operate their very own publishing house .

  • Finkelstein

    meanwhile the GB makes outrageous claims about itself all the time. Is it mental/emotional problems, or are they just 'mistaken'?

    Good point FayeD.

    Does the GB now have men who are confused and deluded to who they are and if so what does that equate to the decisions these men make on a continuing basis ?

  • pixel

    This is a serious accusation. Is going to make a lot of partakers feel bad and a lot of R&F are going to judge them by their "imbalance".

    The GB are cowards. Why not admit that they don't know anything about the 144,000 instead of accusing people of being mentally imbalance?

  • Splash
    I can't wait until there are over 144,000 current partakers.
  • Stealth

    It would be fun to see a big jump in numbers in 2016, since the G.O.D says it's not anything to worry about.

    We can help! Attend a memorial in 2016 where no one knows you. Tell the locals your one of the anointed and was passing through and couldn't miss the memorial, then partake.

    If they ask for your name, just give them the name of some asshole elder.

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