JWs obtaining fake degrees from a US institution to teach English as a foreign language

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  • Vidiot

    They seem to forget…

    …the moment you use under-handed (or heavy-handed) methods in your attempts to claim the moral high ground…

    …you forfeit the moral high ground.

  • Simon

    There are lots of fake "education" mills in Canada, used by Indians to get into the country fraudulently by claiming they are studying.

    Most of the education industry is pure garbage, even the official ones.

  • FragrantAddendum
    Most of the education industry is pure garbage, even the official ones.

    true dat

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    There are lots of fake "education" mills in Canada,

    same in the UK.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    Most of the education industry is pure garbage, even the official ones.

    I often have "educated" individuals working for me on various IT projects, and what I've learned is that higher education simply helps you get started on a particular job somewhere. Earning that diploma means you've reached the starting line, not the finish line. It doesn't guarantee success; it merely provides the basic qualifications needed to begin.

    Sure, co-op programs can help, but sometimes, these programs set expectations so low, they hardly provide real work experience.

    Western countries boast that they have free basic education. But do they? Most jobs worth having today need more than high school. That's why college and university should be considered basic: you learn the basics needed to start at a job. Come to think of it, the only thing I'd truly considered "higher" education are PhDs and people working in Research and Development fields.

  • ndcenterdiplomas

    It's disconcerting to learn that USILACS, where a JW acquaintance from England earned their BA in Education, is unaccredited. This individual, now teaching English in the Caribbean, lists this degree on LinkedIn and worked as a "Sales Manager" for USILACS. Despite their teaching skills, their credentials from this institution are essentially meaningless in the US.

  • ndcenterdiplomas
    Obtain a personalized fake diploma to replace your original one. More details available at www.nd-center.com.

  • NotFormer

    ndcenterdiplomas, novelty fake diplomas? How novel! 😮 The website says not to be used as anything but a joke, but I doubt that every customer will follow that rule.

    Decades ago there was a webpage something like "X* Reasons why you may Watch too much Iron Chef*". One of the points was that you have a Rosanjin Scholar diploma on your wall. 😸

    * I don't remember the actual number.

    ** Original Japanese (but dubbed) version

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