2015-12-15-BOE-Memorial Outline Updated--Is More Money Being Implied Here Also?

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  • Atlantis

    2015-12-15-BOE Memorial Outline Updated.
    .Are they demanding more money even in the Memorial Outline? You decide..

    Page 1 number 4:
    .(4) Besides attending this meeting, what else must we do to show our appreciation for what Christ has done for us?
    .Page 2 under the heading:

    .WHAT MUST WE DO TO SHOW OUR APPRECIATION? . You must obey the rules of the household (1Ti 3:14, 15).Click the green download btton.



  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    kind of oblique implications to asking for money, yes subtle.
  • Oubliette

    Thanks Atlantis!

    "The vast majority of those attending the Lord’s Evening Meal do not have the heavenly hope"

    That's right. 100% is definitely "the vast majority"!

    Obedience was explicitly mentioned twice in the outline:

    1. In obedience to Jesus’ command, millions in 236 lands will observe the Lord’s Evening Meal tonight
    2. You must obey the rules of the household (1Ti 3:14, 15)


    Listen, Obey and Be Blessed - It's a cult!

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    So I don't see this as demanding more money but I do see this whole outline as squarely aimed at those who only just attend the Memorial or inactive JWs. I see the rules of the household along with that scripture as applying more to the only thing more important to the GB than money, control over every aspect of a JW's life.

    Oh, thanks for posting this. I'm sure I read it before whoever is giving the talk at my local KH will read it!!! LOL - This must drive Bethel batty!

  • leaving_quietly

    The Lord’s Evening Meal will be observed as long as Christians with the heavenly hope are on earth
    [Read 1 Corinthians 11:26]
    Once the Lord “comes,” he will take the last of the 144,000 home to be with him in heaven (Joh 14:1-3)
    Those with the earthly hope will no longer observe the Memorial
    Will not partake of the emblems then, so do not partake now

    This logic is dumb. The "144,000" partake now, but will also stop. So, if they're going to stop then, they also should not partake now.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Thanks Atlantis.

    I liked this quote in the opening section:

    "In countries where our work is banned, appreciative ones will risk their freedom in order to obey Jesus’ command."

    So let me get this straight, Jesus actually commanded that spectating non-partakers were to commemorate his death alongside partakers? I don't remember reading that scripture!!

    Oh, I've found it - it's in Luke 29:17!! Silly me!

  • sir82
    I think that was in last year's outline too. I seem to remember it last year.
  • wifibandit


    S-31-E 12/15

    More info on this in the 2015-12-02 BOE Re: New Songs for Memorial PDF

    Compare with the S-31-E 2/13

  • Atlantis


    Thank you!


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