Judge Rutherfords brother was very naughty.....

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  • sparky1

    I found this article online when I was researching information on another post and I am only posting it as an historical item of interest. It is not intended to slam the Judge.

    I apologize if this has been posted and discussed before.

  • Earnest

    This is an article from The Sedalia Democrat (Sedalia, Missouri), Thursday, September 8, 1898, page 7.

  • blondie

    Well, you don't pick your relatives. I hope no one judges me by my pedophile father's actions.

    You can find many bad things JF Rutherford did on his own that are cringeworthy.

  • Finkelstein

    Looks like devious corruption runs in the family.

    Rutherford knew about the money that Russell had left in the Watchtower Corporation and that was most likely his drive and motive to take it over.

    He's probably still laughing in his grave.

  • Hairtrigger

    Rutherford liked Money Power and Pussy. All of us do. Nothing wrong with that. But he was willing and able to take a lame brained religion and see it for what it was. A means to getting all three. He did what he had to, had a grand time of it, knew nothing would be done by anyone as they were all hypnotized by the religious mumbo jumbo. Of all the JW heads, Imo, he alone knew the bullshit they were preaching and teaching , added his own to keep the shit afloat and just went on enjoying life. Never got caught. His brother on the other hand did not have the requisite skills to swindle on that large a scale so resorted to petty stuff. And got caught if the report is true.

  • joe134cd

    Hairtrigger - sounds very similar to Joseph Smith really. Here is a mathematical equation


  • Jeffro

    It is not intended to slam the Judge.

    Rutherford wasn't a judge. He occasionally stood in when the judge was unavailable. By the same standard that 'Judge' Rutherford is so called, a great many lawyers of the time could call them selves 'Judges'.

  • LV101

    Seems I'd read somewhere yrs. ago that ole Booze Rutherford had been a clerk at the courthouse - rode a bicycle delivering papers and passed a test (like the Bar exam today?) given out on his job (probably had all the answers along with the test) and if you passed you could call yourself a lawyer. People became professionals much differently than today. I wonder if he had any formal eduction? I must have read this yrs ago on H20, maybe.

    I also read he was never a judge - who knows.

  • Gorbatchov

    Rutherford had the Trump factor!


  • Earnest

    According to the National Stenographer, 1891, p.275, Rutherford was an "official court reporter in the First Judicial Circuit of Missouri, located at Boonville. He received his shorthand education at the Normal Shorthand Institute, Carbondale, Ill."

    Rutherford received a license to practice law in Missouri on 5th May 1892,

    A Boonville court record of 17th February 1897 notes that Hon. D. H. Shakleford, the regular judge of the Cooper County court in Boonville, was unable to hold session on that day so Hon. J. F. Rutherford was elected "special judge for this turn of court".

    So Rutherford was a judge albeit only on occasions the regular judge was absent.

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