How many times can you be DF'd?

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  • Fader812

    There was one guy in our hall who got DF'd 3 times, on the fourth time he never came back. I wonder if they told him not to come back?

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    In the Spanish cong I attend there's this guy that's been kicked out 4 times. He cannot stay away from booze and the ladies. Very likeable guy, but super weak when it comes to women and alcohol.


  • sir82

    There is no written limit of course, but I imagine that each time it happens, the 3 guys on the JC would wait longer and longer for you to "prove" that you really had "repented".

    I imagine something like 6 months - 1 year for the first offense, 2-3 years for the 2nd offense, 3-5 for the 3rd offense, etc.

    As always with these things, it very much depends on the particular 3 guys you get for your JC. One group might reinstate you after 4 or 5 months while a different group might make you wait 4 or 5 years.


    How many times can you be DF'd?

    As many times as you break WBT$ Rules, get tossed out and are dumb enough to go back.

  • Stealth

    As many times as you let them.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Me? 3 and counting!

    dumb enough to go back.

    Yep, I was that man, Doh!

  • ShirleyW

    We had a brother that was DFd either three or four times, every time he came back he had a new wife, so I guess we know what he was DFd for. Have no idea where he is today, but I wonder why even bother with da troof if it messes up your lifestyle like that, sin get kicked out come back, wash, rinse, repeat. Maybe the Catholic Church is the place for you so you can confess and be forgiven.

  • steve2

    cannot stay away from booze and the ladies. Very likeable guy, but super weak when it comes to women and alcohol.

    Sounds kind of normal male behavior to me. Ask King David or Noah. This guy really needs to develop a plan to have it both ways without this maddening "sin then repent" cycle that wastes so much time and energy.

    A plan would help him go through his life with less personally disruptive distress.

    My Uncle Pelican used to say, "In life, you need some meat with your vegetables".

    Regarding your question about the number of times an individual can be disfellowshipped, I'm sure he is not alone in being kicked out four times, but I'd imagine there are individuals who have been kicked out more times than that or, from JW rules, should have been.

  • dubstepped

    Up to seventy seven times, like Jesus said.

  • Toshibabadu

    As many times as it takes to set you straight...

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