Simon: What happens when you can no longer support this site?

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  • TheWonderofYou

    What is this?

    Its a Google DATA CENTER

    How much data does google store?

    a) 10-15 exabytes (2014)

    b) Look up and imagine punch cards for 3 miles

    ad a)

    Google holds somewhere around 10-15 exabytes of data. If you are in the majority of the population that doesn’t know what an exabyte is, no worries.An exabyte equals 1 million terabytes, a figure that may be a bit easier to relate to. Using our estimate earlier of a personal computer holding around 500 GB, that would mean 1 exabyte would equal 2 million personal computers, and Google's 15 exabytes would be around 30

    We should note that Google does not have the largest data center in the world. If you're curious to see who does, we've written another post to tell you all about who does.

    Source: "How much data does google store, by Colin Carson 18,November 2014

    We’ve written before about how much data Google stores (it’s staggering), but Google might not store the most data, and definitely doesn’t have the biggest data center. The NSA is suspected to potentially hold the most data out of anyone, though there’s a few other top contenders. But everyone likes to cloak themselves in secrecy. Makes sense. It’s cool to have secrets.

    Source: Joshua Loomis, January 26,2016


    Compared to the impressive total volume of stored data at Google

    How much would be the shared storage used of this forum?


    Tour through Google data center:

  • KateWild


    Right now Simon is the only mod.

    Kate xx

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Not to be morbid, but any intelligent human being is aware of their mortality and should, in my opinion, make provision for the disposition of their material goods and intellectual property after they die.

    This site and the software it runs on are part of Simon's estate.

    A couple of years ago when our friend Richard Rawe died, I was shocked to learn that he never had prepared a will. If it wasn't for the fact that his widow Frances was generally in agreement with the wishes he expressed BUT NEVER PUT INTO A FORMAL WILL, Richard's gigantic library could have been taken to the dump.

    In addition to this oversight, Richard left no record of where certain financial resources that belonged to him were located, and so far these resources have NOT BEEN FOUND and so they do not exist as far as Richard's heirs are concerned.

    Bottom line: be prudent; accept your mortality and arrange for what happens the day after. Your heirs will thank you.

  • Wild_Thing

    Simon, you lost me at "NoSQL databases"! Haha! I am just so grateful YOU understand it all! Thank you for all you do! I hope you realize how many people you help.

  • Simon

    In case anyone is worried, I'm feeling OK. A little full of Fish & Chips and Dandelion & Burdock right this minute but otherwise nothing that a lie down won't cure. As the Monty Python quote said "I'm not dead yet, I'm feeling better".

    Angharad also helps a lot with the moderating and to be honest, the community is largely self-policing and there aren't too many major flareups that need our direct action. If anything did happen to me, we have lots of software developer friends that she could call on to keep things running and as Google do the day-to-day ops it would probably just keep running until the platform changed significantly.

    In terms of data, we use about 40Gb+ of storage so not much out of of one of Google's data centre. It'll be distributed between several anyway to avoid there being a single point of failure.

  • slimboyfat
    I can't stop thinking about what a great library Richard Rawe must have had.
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Richard had a library that possibly was only exceeded by the Watchtower archives in Brooklyn. There are a handful of Watchtower archivists across the country, and Richard was well-known and respected by them. Fortunately Richard's library was passed to a person very well known for their own extensive research. I'll let them comment if they wish to identify themselves.

    I would like to add a comment. Simon said, "In case anyone is worried, I'm feeling OK."

    And may you continue to do so, Sir. But as you probably know, Richard suffered a series of strokes during his adult life as a result of being hit by a truck while crossing the street one day. The strokes gave him his trademarked gravelly voice. Prior to that he had a wonderful public speaking voice, I've been told. Maybe we'll get to hear a recording of him someday... (a few do exist).

    Undoubtedly Richard was glad to have survived the initial accident, and his feeling of invulnerability might have been enhanced as he survived a number of additional strokes over time. But he went to sleep one night feeling fine and didn't wake up the next morning.

    It is GREAT that you feel well now Simon; it's a perfect time to prepare a will.

  • TimeBandit

    Simon, Thanks for explaining all of that. The depth of your replies shows how much you care..Much appreciated.


  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    I like it when the computer lets me talk to people.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    JWN users don't like mods and rules. Reminds them of elders, too close to home 😉

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