It was good enough for C.T. Russell.....

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    Where can I find in my Bibles that "Jesus prophesied that Russell would study and start a new group of preachers and teachers"? And where can I find that that group could do that independent study but no one else could?

  • Konagirl

    @Rattigan350 - "Jesus prophesied that Russell would study and start a new group of preachers and teachers. It is not a matter of independent study but the sifting of the weeds from the wheat and study is what does the sifting. However those who leave JWs because of their so-called study aren't doing what Jesus stated."

    Could we not say that Russell was conducting his own "independent study" when researching the pyramid of Giza? An elder told me once that Russell believed that the pyramid was “God’s Stone Witness”. I should have acted on that mild faith-altering tremor when I heard it. As it was, the larger “earthquake” came when doing research outside of the organization. (Matt 24:7; Amos 8:11; Luke 21:36)

    Would Jesus have chosen a man to be his “ambassador”, who believed a monument built by men held spiritual significance? (2 Cor 5:20) When speaking with the woman at the well, Jesus directed her attention to two physical mountains of worship – that of Samaria and of Jerusalem. He said no longer would they be a focal point of importance in worship. Russell used the pyramid as a focal point to determine the significance of 1914. He attributed it, as belonging to God. He said Isa. 19:19,20 backed up his belief. Did he listen to the words of Christ? (John 4:21-24) This belief remained with JWs for a long time. Rutherford also built his focal point, the "earthly mountainlike organization". Even though you don’t believe in the pyramid teaching today, your leaders revere Russel, a false prophet, as still important in directing the organization from heaven. That said, by GB D. Splane, who twisted and turned the meaning of Luke 21:32, to somehow "adjust" the very date that Russell established through the pyramid’s measurements, as more palatable, more nourishing "spiritual food".

    Jesus told us to be aware of false prophets, to reject them; yet your leaders do otherwise, which indicates their heart condition. (Luke 6:45) Why would anyone exalt a man who preached delusions? (Deut 18:20-22; Jer 23:16) Why do you believe the God of truth would accept them? Jesus compared teachings to fruit. He expects us to search out good fruit, not to fill our collective basket full of rejected doctrines. (Matt 7:15-20) If he tells us to be discretionary in our choice of teachings/fruit, why wouldn’t we act upon his advice? The sifting of the wheat and the weeds comes from either accepting Jesus’ warnings and teachings, or accepting the words of men. It has nothing to do with belonging to an organization, as if its very presence signifies truth and salvation without examining its teachings. (Acts 17:11) You’ve got both at your disposal - Christ's words and the words of your leaders. Which do you choose?

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