A Press Conference of Hate: False Accusations of Sexual Abuse Against the Jehovah’s Witnesses 7~24~23

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  • vienne


    I'm extremely sympathetic. As you recount it, your experience is distressing.

    I do not see in the video links you provided any proof that M. Introvigne is paid in any fashion, except he likes to be in front of the camera.

  • EasyPrompt

    @Vienne, I don't need your sympathy and I didn't ask for it, but I do thank you for making the expression.

    As regards Massimo and "payment"...There are different forms of "payment" besides cash.

    It is possible to pay attention.

    It is also possible to pay honor.

    The Devil wasn't asking for cash from Jesus. He was asking for a different kind of payment.

    Proverbs 8:13 says "The fear of Jehovah means the hating of bad. I hate self-exaltation and pride and the evil way and perverse speech."

    Should exaltation and esteemful attention and honor be paid to someone who loves what is bad? Why are the GB/FDS exalting a person who is lying and helping them hide abuse?

    The answer is obvious.

    "Woe to those who say that good is bad and bad is good,

    Those who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness,

    Those who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

    Woe to those wise in their own eyes

    And discreet in their own sight!

    ...Those who acquit the wicked for a bribe

    And who deny justice to the righteous!

    ...Because they rejected the law of Jehovah of armies

    And disrespected the word of the Holy One of Israel.

    That is why the anger of Jehovah burns against his people,

    And he will stretch out his hand against them and strike them.

    ...In view of all this, his anger has not turned back,

    But his hand is still stretched out to strike.

    He has raised up a signal to a distant nation;

    He has whistled for them to come from the ends of the earth;

    And look! they are coming very swiftly." (Isaiah chapter 5)

    The GB/FDs reject Jehovah. Jehovah will reject them.

    Jehovah hasn't changed. He's used nations before to discipline people who claimed to be "His Name People" but acted horridly. Jehovah's Witnesses will not be exempted from the attack on religious institutions. To the contrary, they will be the first religious institution removed/dismantled/stripped by the UN, that everyone may know the GB/FDS wasn't representing Jehovah's will.

    "You should start from my sanctuary.” So they started with the elders who were in front of the house." (Ezekiel 9:6)

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