If Jehovah is our 'father', he would want humankind to independently govern itself

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  • fukitol

    All parents want their children to grow up, mature, and become happily independent.

    No normal father or parent would ever want to govern and rule over their children forever.

    So if Jehovah exists and he is a heavenly 'Father' to his human progeny, and if we truly are in his image as his children, then humankind was always destined to govern itself.

    If you believe in the Biblical narrative, Jehovah always intended to let go of his human children and let us rule ourselves when we were ready. This was as naturally a part of God's purpose as it is natural for all living beings to let go of their matured offspring.

    Satan merely brought this plan forward. He always knew Jehovah intended mankind to govern itself eventually, but he forced Jehovah into giving mankind its independence prematurely through his interference in the garden of Eden. He claimed in the garden of Eden that mankind must learn morality and ethics by itself, the hard way, and in order to advance scientifically, so as to be fully self sufficient and ultimately govern itself successfully. Jehovah was forced to agree, despite knowing that his naive, inexperienced children would suffer terribly and hoping to mitigate that suffering.

    The upshot of this? God will NEVER intervene in human affairs. There is no need of a thousand year reign or paradise earth, preceded by a global divine genocide at Armageddon.

    As God's children in his image, it was always our inherent and divine destiny to govern ourselves, freely, without interference or being dictated to by some autocratic parent in heaven. This was always Jehovahs will; we have just been forced to get there the hard way, by ourselves. But we are and we will get there, slowly but surely, and painfully.

    And that destiny includes advanced longevity (likely a thousand years maximum), through medical and and robotic science and innovation. In fact, the scientific foundation for this already exists and is being pursued.

  • Hairtrigger

    Although I have no interest or belief in Jewish mythology, i'd have liked you as one of the biblical writers. Would have made total sense if I believed in the Hobo or any other god! But kudos for your original thinking. Never heard this version before.

  • smiddy

    An interesting plausible theory fukitol, however not without its flaws.

    On the one hand you assume the creation account in the Bible is true about Adam and Eve ,Satan , and the challenge presented therein .

    On the other hand you reject the Bible account of Christ Jesus thousand year reign ,Armageddon , and apparently all that has happened in between .

    Just another case of cherry picking what one wants to believe about the Bible ?

    I think your post should have stopped at the end of your first four sentences and not brought the Bible into play at all , then it would have been a more credible argument , especially against JW`s. at the door.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • fukitol

    I agree, Smiddy, that the theory doesn't fit snuggly with those who take a literalistic JW interpretation of the Bible.

  • nicolaou
    If you believe in the Biblical narrative, Jehovah always intended to let go of his human children and let us rule ourselves when we were ready

    This intent is stated nowhere in the "biblical narrative". If you know better fukitol please cite a scriptural reference.

  • fukitol

    Nicolau, if Adam and Eve hadn't have sinned, would they need ruling over by God? Jehovah was their parent, not their eternal ruler.

    What is the point of the 144,000 and who do they comprise? They are human corulers ruling over humanity. God is not ruling during the millennial reign, mankind is ruled by humans in heaven. Technically the 144k rule equally with Jesus, they are not subservient to him.

    And there are references in Revelation to kings on earth, after the millennial reign.

    Jehovah granted the Israelites request to have a human king, although he warned it would bring trouble (because they were appointing a human dictator). God recognised the Israelites right to self-rule, as imperfect as the arrangement was.

    What normal father does not naturally want and lovingly nurture his children to become mature, independent, self sufficient, morally responsible persons? It's an intractable contradiction for JWs to claim God is there father and that they are his children but that they are forever incapable of independent self rule.

  • nicolaou

    Can we go back a couple of steps first? Do you actually believe Adam and Eve were real? Do you think the Bible is the word of god?

    I don't want to misunderstand your comments.

  • fukitol

    No, of course not, I'm more or less an atheist. But it's an argument as if I might be a JW.

    Don't get all ad hominim.

  • prologos

    given that there was no talking snake, --just talking about parents, and the creator of it all, who is the ultimate parent, and observing from the inside, a family where an eighteen year old is straining at the constraints imposed by the mother:

    Successful parents, for practical reasons, like their children to follow the same path as the one they found so successful. and then let the offspring do it on their own, because the hovering parents will run out of helicopter time. So, yes, what an odd way to deal with mature offspring in the bible story, to prune the majority off every once in awhile, hamper their progress, .Curiously the father tends to allow a more adventurous course, allowing for novel ways to lead to new patterns of success? and how will these forming ties, groups of young people govern themselves?

  • nicolaou

    No ad hominems you charmless nerk. However, you did say;

    it's an argument as if I might be a JW.

    I've never heard a JW argue that way, quite the contrary in fact. Most will cheerfully tell you that they look forward to serving Jehovah forever.

    Servitude. Forever.

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