Google Translate has an attitude

by MaxTan 4 Replies latest social humour

  • MaxTan

    So I came across this today when I was trying to translate something to russian. Also, i did not know where to post this other than Jokes and Humor...

    So according to Google Translate, Jehovah in Russian is "Lord". The name itself was not available in alternative translations either. Funny. Conspiracy theorists unite.

  • Melchisedek
  • ivanatahan
    You can always trust Google Translate to screw up its translations. I know for a fact it commonly screws up its Russian (and other Slavic) translations a lot.
  • Lieu

    It screws up English too. ☺ At times it becomes confused between British English and American English. Don't get me started on Google's translation of Spanish, ouch!

    It is getting better though and they do request help with language translations. Just send them the proper translation for the language in question and they'll include it.

  • MaxTan
    Huh, that's interesting, now I tried it again and it got it right...

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