Episode Nineteen - Lyndi is shunned by Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • dubstepped

    A young girl finds herself in a new life, with new exciting hopes and dreams as part of the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but with very real fears of doom with a looming Armageddon. This story develops into a young JW marriage fraught with issues that often happen in such relationships. Added to that is a pregnancy followed by postpartum depression, and a spiral that leads into new relationships that ultimately help her wake up to the realities of a life that she was given at such a young age.

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  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Superb interview of a Woman who has been to Hell and back!

  • Diogenesister

    Dub I've also watched the videos you put on you tube introducing your podcasts.

    I can't believe what a natural you are in front of the camera. Wow! Like a lot of extremely shy people I think once you conquer your fear you guys just take it to another level, there's just so many famous examples of that .

    Anyway just to say the podcasts are brilliant but you should really consider doing in camera interviews ( if the interveiwee (?) is ok about it of course) too!

  • dubstepped

    Thanks for the kinds words, both of you. Yeah, she's been through hell. She managed to keep her sense of humor through it all and was fun to talk to despite heavy subject matter.

    I don't do on camera interviews on purpose. For one, it takes greater bandwidth and can degrade the quality of the audio, which isn't good for a podcast.

    More importantly though, I actually did a couple on video at first and I feel like people are more vulnerable without being seen. They're still in their little bubble, nobody can see if they get emotional, and I think it feels safer for them. Or maybe I'm just projecting my own feelings, but I digress.

    I am definitely more comfortable in front of the camera than I ever thought I'd be. Still it isn't easy and I have to be in the right mood to do it.

  • Londo111

    I am finishing this up (a few more commutes).

    Your work just gets better and better.

  • dubstepped

    Thanks Londo!

  • caves

    Diogenesister- Right, He is a natural.

    Londo111- Your work just gets better and better.

    I too have noticed that even in the short time that Ive been listening and observing Dubstepped, that he just keeps getting better and more natural. I have a feeling that simply based on how effective he is at staying on point in a very gentile, relaxing ,yet non pressuring way and still being able to expose the meat of the interviews while even 'metaphorically applying salve' 'if you will' , to the topic is pretty impressive.

  • dubstepped

    Well, I have some pretty good guests at times too don't I Caves. ;)

    Seriously, thanks for the love. I do get more comfortable as I go along. With This JW Life there's a marked difference between episode 1 and the last episodes. I'm glad it's at least going the right direction, lol.

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