Does anybody else still have an obsession about Saturday morning weather?

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  • Biahi

    Once, as a young teen, I was sent out in service without my parents. The elder in charge was an asshole in charge of me, and I know he didn’t like me. It was a cold day, and he took the service group out for a coffee break, and left me behind on the street. When they returned from the break, I was frozen, left standing on the street. He sickenely sweet apologized to me in front of the others for “forgetting” me. The others in the group looked really embarrassed, like they knew but couldn’t say it was on purpose, they were so sheepish. He won that one, I went home totally chilled, and got sick. Remember, Hans Schiller, you asshole?

  • Biahi

    Sorry I said his name, but he was a major evil asshole

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    SNOW on Sunday? No meeting several weekends in a row.

  • NVR2L8

    In our family it was service rain or shine every Saturday morning. Growing up in Montreal winters were very cold and snowy so it wasn't unusual to go out even at minus 10 or 15 F. When our feet were frozen we went back to the car to warm up. Sometimes my dad left the car running all morning to keep it warm. We have been stuck in snow banks and had to push the car several times. Some of our territory was 3 story homes with exterior stairways and balconies that were icy and covered with snow...I can't count how many times I or my partners slid down on our asses. That's how you proved your were a good witness in our congregation. Today I live in a warmer area of Canada and I am retired so every day is a day off. I use to hate Sunday and Tuesday (meeting days) even more than Saturday...but now that's all in the past.

  • Xanthippe

    Exelder, are you watching the weather this morning? Snow here! It's supposed to be gone tomorrow. I hope so, I hate driving in snow. Not enough grit on British roads.

  • minimus

    I am always checking the weather. When I was an elder, I always voted to cancel a meeting for nasty weather. Service on a stormy day? I wasn’t there. Lol

  • Exelder

    I've loved the comments. It seems we all have awful memories of field service, especially on a weekend.

    My particular bug bear was turning up at the group as service overseer on a really wet, windy and stormy saturday morning feeling absolutely sure nobody was going to turn up.

    We would meet at 9:45am and after waiting for about 5 mins I would be just about to leave to go home when an old faithful sister would turn up after battling the elements to get there.

    My heart would sink.

    We would then have to go on all of her return visits that she had for decades and they would be scattered all round the territory. We could be out for 3 or 4 hours by the time she stopped and chatted with her calls (none of it was scriptural based....just dropping off the magazines and then talking about family and ill health etc).

    I would end up being out for longer than I would if it was just a normal group effort.

    Weekends are a real treat now and the novelty still hasn't worn off.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog


    In a word, NO.

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