My Guitar, My Friend

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  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I started out as a drummer in the 5th grade.

    I had set of Ludwig drums.

    I was playing in wedding bands Polkas and standards in elementary school back in the 60's when people had bands at there weddings.

    Good times bad time has some excellent drumming.

    I have played it many times in my bands as a bassist and guitarist with many drummers.

    Some of the best drummers in Tampa Bay.

    No one plays it like Bonham and the only people that notice that are 10% of the drummers in the crowd.

    You don't even know if Bohham recorded it in one track or used multiple tracks.

    Zepplin was known for layering and multiracking. If I layered and multitracked the drums I could make a close approximation to Bohnam.

    There are no live recordings that I can find of good times bad times which tells me Led zeppelin could not pull the song off live.

    There is the beginning of good times bad times on a live recording of communications break down. Bonham does not nail it.

    I could play that as well as all the drummers I have played with.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I suspect that zeppelin recorded Good times bad times to a click track without the drums or they used the drums with a simple bass beat.

    Then Bonham went over and over and dubbed the bass pedal without playing with his hands.

    I say that because zeppelin was famous for doing that sort of thing and they never played the song live which means they couldn't play it live.

    When I make recording If I want a fancy drum beat which people do not usually want in popular songs. I record the drums than go back over and hook up my double bass pedal and people think I am Bonham.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Another example of Bonham not nailing good times bad times.

  • 2+2=5

    Seriously don't think Bonham could play that in one take??! Where specifically do you think he multi tracked parts? His triplets are done with a single kick, many drummers have developed technique to play those triplets the way he did, and at a faster tempo.

    This is blasphemy.

    No need to respond actually, I am going to bow out of this one.

    Enjoy your music :)

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    When I play music out in public. I play for money.

    It is usually in crowded bars or venues where people go to dance.

    That is the only way you can play out for money on a regular basis.

    People have to be drinking.

    The way you get them to drink is to make them thirsty.

    You have to be a human juke box and play familiar songs that they will get up and dance to.

    They don't care if the drummer sounds better than Bonham ever could live. They want to hear hits, that make them dance.

    I don't think many Led zeppelin songs would be good money makers in bars.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    If he could play it in one take why didn't he?

    Don't do the losers limp on me now.

    I posted recording of him playing it without the triplets.

    I suspect some drummers today figured out how to do live what he couldn't do live but could do in the studio.

  • Billzfan23

    Will Hoge wrote a song called "Another Song Nobody Will Hear" and the lyrics/message are similar.

    I wake up in the darkness, the clock says 3 AM
    There's a war raging inside me, so I reach for my old friend
    The one who's always been there, to make the pain all disappear
    I write another song, another song nobody will hear

    This damn guitar knows all my secrets, all my broken dreams
    All the joy and all the laughter that I have ever seen
    The one who stood beside me, been together all these years
    Let's write another song, another song nobody will hear

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