Who REALLY appoints elders and MS??

by HereIgo 6 Replies latest jw experiences

  • HereIgo

    i was 19 and being considered for ms. i went out of town to see my jw girlfriend during co visit and he was so butthurt he decided i wasn't ready!

    i thought jehovah decided?

    go figure

  • Chook

    They aren't appointed by Holy Spirit, they are appointed by CO. If they were appointed by Holy Spirit the elders wouldn't have to ask have they got any secret sins. The whole idea of some invisible force is equivalent to the tooth fairy.

  • Divergent

    It's a blessing in disguise. DON'T get appointed!!!

  • alanv

    To be appointed by holy spirit simply means you satisfy the qualifications that the apostle Paul spoke about. All that happened is the C O decided you did not fully meet that standard yet. Nothing to do with God.

    And yes as Divergent said it is a blessing in disguise. Once you are appointed you will have little time for yourself and will have little chance of checking the bible to see if you really are a part of the true religion.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    #1 Are you favoured by the elders in your congregation?

    #2 Does your monthly report show that you're doing enough to support the org?

    If 'Yes', excellent! Your obvious "spiritual" qualities demonstrate that you deserve to be elevated selected by the holy spirit to be "an appointed man!"

    Don't be overly concerned about "widows & orphans" - either before or after your promotion.

  • ttdtt
    It's a blessing in disguise. DON'T get appointed!!!


  • millie210

    Hold on folks!

    If Herelgo is still inside, he may not be considered eligible for marriage unless he is an M.S. according to what Anthony Morris said. Remember?

    Get appointed, get the girl, step aside? Is that even a plan?

    Sad, all the jockying for position that this religion creates.

    What kind of plan is it really?

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