"The little one becomes a thousand" The "ingthering" is speeding up!

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  • stuckinarut2

    Heya all!

    Over the last few months I've been doing a lot more support work with people who are waking up and exiting the "Truth"

    I'm part of a team that receives on average 10 new emails, messages or contact through various means, from ones who have just awoken to the realisation that they have been in a cult!

    The emotions, and stories that they share is often so heartbreaking, and intense as we all can imagine. But, it is also liberating for these ones to learn "The Truth About The Truth".

    Of particular note is the success stories of ones who have woken up, and played a very patient and careful game in order to slowly help their family members also start on their own journey of awakening.... as we know, this needs to be done very carefully in order to avoid the "rebound effect" if too much information is dumped too quickly onto them.

    So I just wanted to share this so that it can encourage us all to keep doing all we can in our own forms of activism and in our spreading of Jw awareness. Keep it up!

    The results are coming in - people's lives are being saved!!

  • dubstepped

    I'm proud of you and your lovely wife for stepping up to help out others. We can't all do everything, but we can all do something, and good for you for doing just that. People are leaving the cult and we can all be ready to help them when they get out in some way, even if just a listening ear here on a forum. We all started somewhere in that journey.

  • shepherdless


    PS: is that 10 emails a day, or 10 a week, etc?

  • Diogenesister

    Brilliant idea! Anyone like to start one up in the UK??

  • smiddy3

    Hi stuckinarut2 ,could you enlighten us a bit more ?

    I'm part of a team that receives on average 10 new emails, messages or contact through various means.

    What various means does your team employ ? maybe more of us could do something similar as it sounds like you are having good success with it.

    just asking.

  • Biahi

    How do these people know to contact you? Please tell us more, and thank you for this activism, maybe I can do this when I retire.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Just terrific Stuck! Tell us more, how awakened people are directed to your team and what are you called etc? Don't reveal your location if that's not wise but perhaps your group/system could be extended elsewhere?

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, those figures are per week. I help to answer and respond to emails and messages received through [email protected]

    All involved with this team have a wonderful focus on helping people to recover and live a happy and successful life. Despite all we have been through, it is beautiful to be part of a truly selfless and supportive worldwide team.(this doesnt even take into consideration the dozen or more FB messages etc we receive each week...)

    We provide a soft landing place, a hearing ear, and assistance directing ones to the help and support they need. Perhaps putting people in touch with others in their area who they then can meet up with, or even to enjoy the benefits of the modern age of technology where we can be in touch with people the world over by means of our phones and computers!

    Groups like jwsurvey, and groups like this amazing forum community are just so vital to help people who are exiting the religion! I am so very appreciative that this forum exited when I first woke up, and that it helped me expand my outlook and know we were not alone.

    But, whatever form of support or activism we can all personally be part of, don't hold back! Keep it upbuilding, dignified and positive - and peoples lives will be affected for the better!

  • Vidiot

    If any actual "ingathering" is happening, it's towards the XJW community, IMO.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yup, that's what I meant when I used that expression ironically Vidiot.

    Its all of us ex-jws that see the huge ingathering. and how "happyfying" this is!

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