Australian State of Victoria! New Dept and laws to protect children

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  • OrphanCrow

    This is excellent news.

    Not only will organizations like the JWs no longer be able to keep child sex abuse secret, but the police will also be held to scrutiny as to how they handle the cases.

    This is a template that should be adopted everywhere.

    Well done. Big shout out to Steve Unthank.

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    jw news 2017


  • Vidiot
    OrphanCrow - "Big shout out to Steve Unthank."

    Wherever he is, he deserves to celebrate with good friends and a case of scotch.

  • Vidiot

    Know what I think is (bizarrely) funny about all this?

    I can just imagine how desperately WT reps must be wanting to yell out "we must obey God as ruler rather than men!" as an objection to all of this...

    ...but knowing they can't because the inevitable response from anyone with two functioning brain cells would be, "God wants to keep child abuse secret? The FUCK???"


  • flipper

    They need to implement this in the United States as well where religion is treated as a " sacred cow " almost untouchable. Criminal conduct is criminal conduct - whether in a religious, political, or business or corporate organization. Thanks for posting

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    jw news 2017

    Mr Flipper, I'm confident that the San Diego court case will bring a change... The judge wasn't standing for any nonsense, started sanctioning them for however many $ per day that they failed to deliver the documents...

    I'm not fully up to date with it.... But heard the lawyer on the BBC World Service programme the other day ... And i think something will come from that...

    Also, the 2 ongoing inquires in the UK... I'm confident there will be a change in the law here too

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    The Padron appeal is ongoing, but the plantiff failed to file the respondent brief that was due on June 27 and the court filled the notice of failure to file respondent brief yesterday. Unless the case was resolved out of court the appeal will be decided by the court record at the superior court, Watchtower brief and Watchtower oral arguments.

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  • zeb

    keep the comments coming.

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