Time for a new type/anti-type, G.B? 2033 is the new 1975!

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  • freddo

    New light! New Light!

    "The Governing Body" (said by Steven Lett, while gurning and nodding his head) has found out that Jerusalem fell in 587 BCE! This means that instead of being 1914CE as the throwing of Satan down to the earth and kingdom rule being set up in the heavens we should be looking at 1934CE.

    Now this is so obvious brothers, why didn't we see ... Jehovah's chariot ... blah blah ... overlap ...

    1934 was when Hitler became supreme ruler of Germany when Hindenburg died and evidently fits in with when Satan came to the earth to mislead the nations and blah blah blah.

    So the Generation which saw 1934 doesn't overlap at all and if you were a baby in 1934 you would be well along in years now so the end is very very soon; even imminent! This is no time to be toying with the words of Jesus when he said nobody knows the day and the hour.

    The Generation that saw 1934 will by no means pass away. A prophet has gone among us! Sell your homes! Pioneer! Short remaining time!

    *Note to COBE

    Please print out (at your own expense) 1,000 labels for each active publisher deemed worthy by the service committee to receive them - marked 1934.

    Give a sheet to each publisher and ask him or her to stick it over all references to 1914 in their publications.

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