The elusive song 151 makes an appearance.

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  • St George of England
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @ Anders, it seems that there is a whole Freudian world lurking under the skin of JW orgasm.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    At 43-44 minutes, Mr. Splane of the Magnificent 7 says this -

    "Well back in June a number of new kingdom songs were released electronically, but one was missing - No. 151 - and you noticed that, didn't you? I know you did, because nothing escapes the eagle-eyes of you brothers and sisters. Well here it is, No. 151; it's entitled "The Revealing of God's Sons," and it reminds us that the time is getting near when the anointed will hear the final call. Let's listen!"

    I cannot imagine what thoughts flood through long-time Witnesses' minds as they sit in little groups watching these self-publicising charlatans spout out monthly propaganda to their followers.

  • tiki

    I just am mind boggled at how ridiculous and crazy this religion has become. They really ought to give it up.

  • Sanchy

    And then with Christ, these sons of God

    Will wage the final war.

    The joyous marriage to the Lamb

    Will last forevermore.

    Wasn't it the case that the WT used to say that the 144k would not really be the ones doing the killing during Armageddon, but rather Jesus and his angels, as I believe the book of Revelation shows? Is this some kind of "new light" in that the 144k do indeed take part in the war?

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    @Half Banana,

    You remind me of an older brother in my town who consistently read 'organism' as 'orgasm'. Book studies became a lot more interesting with him ;-)

    The same brother commented on how immoral the world had become during a FS meeting. "There used to be only naked women on television...but now you'll even see naked men! Disgusting!"

  • nmthinker
    neat blue dog12 hours ago

    Its related to the new light to be announced at the annual meeting next month. God's anointed "sons" are going to be 'revealed' to be all Christians, not just 144,000.

    We can only hope, since this would wake up many thousands

  • prologos
    Sanchy: "-- Is this some kind of "new light" in that the 144k do indeed take part in the war?

    WT writers have vacillated over the question of combat by immortal resurrected christians, based on the text "--god will crush satan under your feet shortly --"Rom 16:20, or whether they would instead direct the initial building of the paradise as survivors of Armageddon. What is new that their charts now predict the early rapture of the overlapping anointed generation at the onset of the great Tribulation, long before the end, contradicting Jesus' word, that the generation would " not pass away until all theses things", including the end occur.

    Jesus words supported the idea that the anointed would survive, not pass away, to start pardise. after all, it is the 144 00 sons of god that are the primary inheritors of the earth too. according to wt.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    "The Revealing of God's Sons"


  • Londo111

    Is there a link to this? I don't think I could stomach to watch...but I wouldn't mind reading the lyrics.

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