No fun debating "imperfect" JWs

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  • Tantalon

    Well that was no fun at all, just got a visit to invite me to the last supper memorial. Haven't had a call for a long long time. I tried to engage them about following Bible not Watchtower, they just kept changing the subject as they have always done but this time every challenge was met with "we are not perfect,the slave is not perfect" and "we don't want to have a debate". I tried Blood, Generations, ARC, UN ;....... " we are not perfect"

    I thought they were supposed to examine every inspired utterance etc, like the Beroeans. Just couldn't gain any traction at all on any subject. I actually felt sorry for them.They are a very pale shadow of what they formerly were.

  • asp59

    Most JWs seem tired and depressed this days. They dont care much was coming from org or People out in district this days.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Up until 4 years ago, after every assembly or 2 day get together, the JW's at my place of work would stand around and be excited. They'd be talking about how soon Armageddon would be, the signs and how the work is speeding up.... Now I can't tell if they've gone to one or not.

    The older ones are trying to hold on in the midst of all the changes while being depressed over the "overlapping generation" means they will die in this old system of things.

    I agree that they are tired or they just are going thru the motions until they get the coffee reward.

  • smiddy3

    Tantalon , I`m just curious about what age bracket your callers were ? male or female ?

    "we are not perfect,the slave is not perfect" and "we don't want to have a debate".

    And they identify and call themselves Jehovah`s Witnesses ? pretty pathetic really .

  • Tantalon

    Smiddy, One was old man, 83, told me he was baptized at 15, the other was a woman 50ish I guess. I am in West Australia about 80ks out of Perth. I see them out in groups now and then, very rarely see any younguns in service.

    After that long in he couldn't afford to look back and be objective about the changes, would probably be too much to cope with. I was pleasant enough with them, no good being full on with old folks.

  • smiddy3

    Thanks for the prompt reply Tantalon and I appreciate your concern for us older folks LOL.

  • Tantalon

    Yeah I'm the wrong side of sixty myself Smiddy so I hope people will be kind to me too.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    I would have replied, "The Pope is not perfect, and the Catholic priesthood is not perfect." Regardless of their parroted answers, (and we all did it!) JW's nowadays are genuinely living in fear of -

    a) the revelatory media information about their cult & its leadership's "direction & practices"

    b) never living to see the promised (by the cult!) and well-overdue Armageddon in their own lifetime.

    Bottom line - many JW's faith in the org is probably at an all-time low.

  • careful

    They love to say that about the org and/or the GB being imperfect. But when you ask for some specific modern-day examples of such imperfections they clam up. Press the issue and they run off.

    How different the Bible is where numerous leaders' specific imperfections are highlighted: Moses, David, Solomon, Peter, James and John, Paul. Must be how close the org is to the Bible, eh?

  • FedUpJW

    "we are not perfect,the slave is not perfect"

    And the ever present fall back, "The light gets brighter."

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