Chapter 37 New Boy 50 years a Watchtower slave

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  • new boy
    new boy

    Most the time there was plenty of food. Breakfast and lunches were decent. Dinners however were a joke. I stopped going to them after a few months. the food was either nasty left overs like squash stuffed with mystery meat or there really wasn't enough to go around to ten hungry men. They only served you food for 15 minutes at dinner and some times it would take 5 minutes to pass the plates out and get them back with hardly anything on them.

    There was many times I left dinner still hungry. The proof about the dinners was you never saw any Bethel heavies at dinner. They knew it was shit too.

  • mann377

    I agree with New Boy. Brooklyn was different than the Farm in the food department. The food at the farm was a cut above, plus I had a key to the cheese room. I remember once at Brooklyn they served pizza in the evening and they made it with sliced bananas instead of pepperoni. YIKES! one slice and I decided to go to bed hungry. At the Farm they would serve peppers stuffed with rice, etc. We called this stuffed monkey's butt, not to bad when you are very hungry. In Brooklyn I went from 185lbs. to 133lbs. in 5 months.

  • _Morpheus

    I lost a ton of weight as well but i attributed it to the slavery.. errr work. I ate like goddamn horse.

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