Charles the Third and the Two-Headed Beast

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I was reading an article about the pomp and circumstance around the first coronation in nearly a century.

    Made me think of the Revelation book (the red one, not the Bible) and the picture of the two headed beast with a sword and if I have some time today I will see if I can’t find it and age it a bit, it seems the sword is a bit dull and the two heads are now both octogenarians with severe dementia, kind of funny to see that instead of “swift judgment” we’ve come to internal decay.

    What do you Canadians, English, Scots, Irish and Australians think about your new leadership?

  • BoogerMan

    I was expecting to see an abundance of King Charles Cavalier Spaniels being bought by monarchists, instead, it looks like most will be getting the progeny of Bulldogs/Shih Tzus.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    two headed beast ? are you referring to queen Camilla ?

  • New day
    New day

    By Irish I assume you mean Northern Irish? The Republic of Ireland has been around for 100 years, nothing to do with the British monarchy!

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @New Day: not so quick, the British still view Republic of Ireland at least partially as U.K., people of the Republic can vote and become MP in the British parliament and vice versa Brits can vote in Republic of Ireland.

    The Brits never officially recognized the independence, unlike other territories like India. So it’s only independent de-facto, from the viewpoint of the crown, they legally still have full ownership of the area, as they do all the rest of the commonwealth, only civil uprising and lack of resources preventing the exercise of the power.

    @stan: lol, no, I mis-remembered, it’s the beast with the two horns of a lamb that’s Anglo-America. My point being that the beast is a bit aged.

  • Rivergang

    Ireland formally left the Commonwealth and declared itself a republic in 1949. In response, Britain’s Ireland Act 1949 acknowledged that Ireland, to quote, “ceased to be one of His Majesties dominions”.

    Before that event, the Statute of Westminster 1931 effectively granted full autonomy to those countries which held dominion status within the British Empire. Ireland took that one step further in 1949 by removing any even token constitutional links with Britain. (Canada, Australia and New Zealand did similar during the 1980s -although all remained members of the Commonwealth).

    Not that Commonwealth membership has any great significance. Not all former British territories are Commonwealth members - Ireland and Myanmar (Burma) two name two. Conversely, some of its members (eg. Cameroon and Mozambique) never ever were part of the British Empire.

  • BluesBrother

    , As an Englishman , maybe it is the people I talk to, but everyone seems at least ambivalent towards it and planning to do something else that day .

  • slimboyfat

    Amusingly the supermarkets are offering flags and bunting for sale in Scotland. I’ve not seen a single taker.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    What do I think about Charles becoming king? - meh.

    I'm not really interested in all that pomp and ceremony, so I don't care much for the coronation.

    But I recognise that the royal family sell the UK abroad, do some good in terms of schemes and patronages, and bring in lots and lots of tourists' money.

    I think Charles has some pretty big shoes to fill, after the death of his mother.

    I guess time will tell if he is a good king or not.

  • LostintheFog1999

    English spiritual/new age author William Bloom recently gave his view of the Coronation:

    "Seen through a metaphysical lens the coronation is a grand event of ceremonial magic. The monarch's aura will be blessed, suffused and linked to great angels, spirits and archetypal virtues. The archbishop and colleagues are the high priests. The crown, sword, sceptre and spurs are all symbolic artefacts which resonate to help anchor these blessings."

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