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  • llubrevlis2000

    I have just heard about a rebellion starting for the kingdom ministry schools this year. Nobody is allowed to go unless you are fully vaccinated and the unvaccinated are not allowed to watch by video conferencing.

    Apparently there are many congratulations insisting on recently fully vaccinated meaning to those elders, you had your latest booster recently. If it’s been more than six months you are no longer fully vaccinated.

    I hear of lots of Elders or MSs who just do not want to keep taking these injections some haven’t had a booster in months and now they are not allowed to go to the upcoming KMS.

    That is not really what the letter said, it says all coordinators have to check that all elders are fully vaccinated. It also says the authorities say keeping up with latest booster shots provides additional protection. Does that mean if you have gone more than 6 months since your last booster you are no longer fully vaccinated?

    Now Tony is gone and there is lots of speculation is was to do with the vaccine mandates, will the remaining members of the GB do a U turn on the bad mandates?

    the longer they take to do a U turn the more brothers will have to keep taking the boosters. Either that or attendance will be very low to the Kingdom ministry school this year.

    I wonder if any coordinators are having doubts about the safety of these boosters and the rebellion is spreading.

    I wonder how how many are going against the direction because they have doubts about these boosters?

  • BoogerMan

    The U.S. military announced in the past few weeks that MANDATORY vaccination for personnel had to cease.

    But the self-appointed "faithful slave" is ORDERING its 'wolves' to keep getting injected with experimental mrna.

  • llubrevlis2000

    This is latest direction from the governing body 22 December 22.

    They have to do a U turn on this soon.

    Now that Tony has gone they need to do a U turn ASAP

    I know that people in bethel read this please U turn, there are many brothers who do not want to new taking these substances into our bodies because we doubt the safety

  • llubrevlis2000

    Point number 3 says if you are not vaccinated you may be able to attend at a later date.

    Does this mean they will do a U turn on their mandatory vaccination requirements?

    Or do they mean you have to go get up to date with boosters and then attend at a later date once you are fully vaccinated?

  • punkofnice

    indoubtingbigtime back under a new user ID?

  • Elmer

    That’s him Punky. All I can say is, “shit or get off the pot”.

    How is your band doing Punk? Playing many gigs lately?

  • punkofnice
    Elmer - How is your band doing Punk? Playing many gigs lately?

    Just about gigging. The Covid lockdowns drove a lot of venues out of business. Still pootling along although I suspect this will be our last year. We're knocking on a bit now.

    How's yourself?

  • Elmer

    Well Punk, these days I just sit in occasionally with a local blues band and try to tell a little story with my Stratocaster. Back in the late 70’s-early 80’s (pre JW) I was playing hard rock/heavy metal to the masses. Sucks getting old….

  • llubrevlis2000


    3. Get Vaccinated and Boosted: All those attending theocratic schools must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In view of the time that has elapsed from receiving the initial vaccination, individuals need to get the latest COVID-19 vaccine booster shots. Health officials indicate that staying up-to-date with the booster shots provides added protection.


    some apologists tried to say that having the three shots a couple of years ago meant you are fully vaccinated. Not according to Jehovahs direction though the governing body.

    One thing we all have in common, if we had any shots or none, we are as good as unvaccinated six months after our last shot.

  • enoughisenough

    about the speculation, Tony being gone because of the shots....I don't think so....he wasn't the only one on the monthly broadcasts that promoted that poison. As far as a U turn is concerned, they can't do that unless their Handlers ( not Jehovah or Jesus ) tell them to...and if my thinking (conspiracy ) is correct, those handlers are among the globalists who want depopulation. Call me crazy...I don't care...What other reason could there be for the GB to emotionally blackmail and coerce without let up the taking of the shots. The toothless lion elders should be in an uproar! ( if Tony was let go because of the shots, it would be because he was against them, IMO-and you don't go against the Body)

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