Did Jesus have a Y chromosome?

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    Did Jesus have a Y chromosome?

    Although it requires some expanding, this is a good question for critical thought processing.

    If a human body lacks chromosomal balance, the result is any combination of deformation, predisposition to serious disease, and premature death.

    Humans are known to lose chromosomal balance later in life through introduction of chemicals, druggery, smoking, and aging.

    If it is congenital at conception/birth, in some cases, it can interfere with clear biological gender identification.

    Connecting this sort of question to the WT teaching of an iconic "perfect man" Jesus, is worthy of examination because WT typically dodges such examinations so as to "not go beyond the things written"... a practice WT will do, unabashed, on numerous other subjects, if it might be favourable to WT objectives.

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