Are JW's Getting More Comfortable Discussing Politics?

by freemindfade 14 Replies latest social current

  • Chook

    They have always been happy talking politics. Is such and such a brother going to qualify for position of MS elder

  • Vidiot
    freemindfade - "Are JWs getting more comfortable discussing politics?"


    Considering that almost every one of the American Right's hot points doveail with JW ideology, is this really surprising?

  • sir82

    There's a once hidden ugliness in this country that really disturbs her.

    Well, that is perhaps a silver lining to Cheeto's presidency.

    There really is a lot of ugliness that has been hidden. But it was always there.

    Now that the bigots feel empowered, it is exposing how much work there really is still to do.

    Perhaps we were complacent - out of site, out of mind. But once Cheeto is gone, it is now more evident how much work really remains to build a just & fair society.

  • Vidiot
    sir82 - "...the bigots feel empowered..."


  • carla

    My jw LOVES politics! until I remind him he is supposed to be neutral. Yeah, I know I should let him go but sometimes it is the only way to shut him about it.

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