Who's he kidding!?

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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    I had to read this paragraph twice in case I'd misread it the first time. Who is he trying to kid!?

    Mr Gomez says, "There's very little rules, if any, most of our conduct is governed by principles, and there's a lot of room for us to make personal choices."

    Mind you it says that he's been at a two week training school. Talk about being a bare faced liar with "There's very little rules IF ANY."


  • Phizzy

    " "There's very little rules, if any, most of our conduct is governed by principles, and there's a lot of room for us to make personal choices." An Elder no doubt, or certainly a grad of the Ministry School as he has said, he knows this is a downright LIE !

    I found this, which is also disingenuous " "It's absolutely personal whether you want to choose [to stay in the religion],"

    Mr Gomez does not add that if you make the decision to leave the WHOLE of your JW family will Shun you ! A devastatingly evil and unloving thing to do, not Christian at all !

  • Phizzy

    A letter to the paper that may get published would be good from someone living in the Area. Be careful to stick to facts, make sure you explain Mr Gomez' two lies, if you do it.

  • mynameislame

    He's probably not lying, he believes it.

    This is how the non-rules work.

  • Diogenesister


    Or anyone else...

    So....this "flair" thing that is on the film clip you posted, they have it on Reddit, too. My flair, for instance, is "runaway slave". I wondered where the term came from.

    So it's American? And it means badges?

    Can anyone fill me in as to its origin???

  • WTWizard

    Very few rules? Then why are there so many rules (enforced as rules, not just guidelines) regarding so many items? Your sex life is so regulated--no fornication, no gay sex, no polygamy, no actions that might lead to fornication, sex actions within the marriage are restricted? (OK, so Raymond Franz did relax it just a touch, but most hounder-hounders still enforce the rules as before 1978).

    Dress and grooming? Why are there so many rules regarding dress and grooming, and I am not just referencing that useless mask? The tie is just as useless as a face mask, and it has been just about mandatory among the jokehovians for as long as I remember. White dress shirts? You can't just wear clothing that fits comfortably instead of what a group of hounders views as "appropriate"? Hair styles full of rules? This sounds like North Korea, not freedom.

    Your music? They just about ban whole discographies because of one "bad" song--and who decides it is "bad"? Movies--the same deal. One person might be stumbled if you listen to a song that hints at what they call immorality (and I call resistance to being enslaved), so it is bad. One swear word (even a mild one) ruins a whole 2-hour movie. So many TV shows are deemed bad--and not just because they are designed to make one stupid. I can think of so many shows from the 1960s through the early 1990s that are in this category. Bewitched, Nanny and the Professor, My Three Sons, Brady Bunch, Happy Days, The Waltons, just about everything. If not for a touch of violence, you lose them because they feature teen dating, an adult theme (and not explicit, either), Christian worship (not even the whole show, but just sprinkled in--and I don't even view Christian worship as having any value), and magic.

    Even the pictures you display in your home are judged. So many can be deemed as bad, just based on stumbling someone else. And not just those blatantly pornographic pictures or those featuring war or some church, either. Pictures depicting the beach or some famous landmark could incite someone to think it is not such a bad idea, so it stumbles them and they are banned. More rules.

    Try driving a car you like, and again if it is not practical for field circus (communism), it is banned. Or going out in the rain with a bright colored umbrella or one with bright LED lights--that might save you from getting hit with a car and therefore getting involved with yet another rule--against taking blood (I prefer taking measures to prevent needing blood instead of taking it or refusing it). Try not going in field circus when you are too tired to do it safely or in conditions that compromise safety, and see yet another rule being imposed.

    Not to mention, they can make any rules they feel like under the "brazen conduct" umbrella. You do something they don't like, they hound you once for it. Then if you repeat this action, you are committing "brazen conduct". As for rules, this religion has a whole Bible's worth, a whole Talmud's worth, and a whole Quran's worth in one.

  • smiddy3

    Jehovah`s Witness company men "speak out of both sides of their mouth" ,they wouldn`t know "Truth" if it was rammed up their arse , they would still speak out of both sides of their mouth.


    As I told the Eldubs in my congregation, “If you take a “principle” and enforce it across the board then it’s a rule.”

    I think their brains stopped computing for a moment before the continued with their Kangaroo Court.


  • FedUpJW

    I liked the line in a song some years ago, "If you tried to tell the truth, you'd choke yourself to death!" Sounds like the eldurrs IMO.

  • mynameislame


    The movie (office space) is worth a watch. It does a good job of making fun of absurd corporate practices, at least in the US.

    Flair is something you do to make yourself stand out, like the reddit flair. In this case it was the buttons.

    The clip just made me think how the JWs say they have very few rules but seem to have an awful lot of non-negotiable "suggestions".

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