1914 Prophecy

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  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Anders Andersen - sent you a PM.

  • rockemsockem

    The thing is they I.E Russell predicted that 1914 would bring the start of Armageddon. Satan was thrown to earth with his demons in the fall of 1914. This did not start Armageddon but WW1 did erupt and it was brewing long before Satan was supposedly thrown to earth in the fall of 14. To say they accurately predicted WW1 is like Sylvia Brown saying a Ship would sink and a plane crashed and then claiming I was right see. No you were not.

  • Jerryh

    acer21 even though this isn't helpful to your finding references to 1914, it is interesting.

    quote "she doesn't say too much" is why your search is difficult. pot / kettle

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