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  • jw news 2017
    jw news 2017

    I couldn't find the fuller video...

    It's of this guy saying to only go on websites that they have authorised...

    Maybe someone else has that video link, to hand...

  • Saename

    The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom dated 1987, Nov. 1, entitled, “Does Superstition Affect Your Life?” on page 20, paragraph 16 of this magazine says the following:

    Interestingly, a circuit overseer in France observes: ‘Some brothers are deceived because they lack accurate knowledge.’ That is why Proverbs 11:9 states: ‘By knowledge are the righteous rescued.’ This does not mean giving apostates a hearing ear or delving into their writings. Rather, it means coming to ‘an accurate knowledge of the sacred secret of God’ through diligent personal study of the Bible and the Society’s Bible-based publications.Having this accurate knowledge, who would become so curious as to pay any attention to apostate mouthings? May no man ‘delude you with persuasive arguments’! (Colossians 2:2-4) False religious propaganda from any source should be avoided like poison! Really, since our Lord has used ‘the faithful and discreet slave’ to convey to us ‘sayings of everlasting life,’ why should we ever want to look anywhere else?—John 6:68.

    Here is a quote from The Watchtower—Study Edition dated 2012, May 15, ¶13, entitled, “Are You Reflecting the Glory of Jehovah?”:

    Jehovah hates sin, and so should we. Indeed, we ought to move as far away from wrongdoing as possible and not see how close we can get to it without being overcome by sin. For instance, we need to guard against succumbing to apostasy, a sin that would make us unfit to glorify God. (Deut. 13:6–9) Let us therefore have nothing to do with apostates or anyone who claims to be a brother but who is dishonoring God. This should be the case even if he is a family member. (1 Cor. 5:11) We are not benefited by trying to refute the arguments of apostates or those who are critical of Jehovah’s organization. In fact, it is spiritually dangerous and improper to peruse their information, whether it appears in written form or it is found on the Internet.

    Oh, just in case you want more proof... Comin’ right up!

    w11 7/15 15-17

    w08 3/15

    w06 1/15 23

    w04 2/15 28

    w00 5/1 9-10

    Also, you can use their own library against them. Under this link, you can find 29 articles, under the entries "attitude of Witnesses toward apostates" and "avoiding apostasy," discouraging Witnesses from viewing apostate sources.

  • EverApostate

    When I was in , I was advised that the Governing Body members are equivalent to qualified research Scholars and know everything and we should only stick on to their Explanations, no matter even if we don't understand them.

    In their terminology, Research means digging it from their own publications. This sounded weird to me even then, and may be that's why I turned out to be an Apostate.

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