American Idol

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  • sandy

    Ok, how did Ruben get in the bottom 3?

    I only saw the last couple of minutes who was the third person in the bottom 3?

    Tenyce, Ruben, ?

    So you think Trenyce should have been voted off? It should have been Josh. What is up with America. Well, I am not surprised I had a feeling Trenyce would go before Josh.

    Rumor has it Clay got 75% of the votes this week.

  • Gopher

    Josh got the underdog vote out of sympathy. Maybe people wanted to show Simon Crowell they'll vote for whom they damn well please!!

    I think the momentum is shifting away from Ruben and toward Clay. IMO, Clay rocks (goofy hair and all). The ladies don't really excite me in this competition. I think it's between Ruben and Clay.

    My dos centavos.

  • sandy

    I think clay is the best singer out of the entire group. But, I have to agree with Simon about Clay. He is not Pop Star material. He would do very well as a broadway singer or just a Vocalist. I think his talent would be wasted on music that is here today and gone tomorrow.

    His facial expressions (though he did calm them down) are too showy and it makes him look like he has no real emotions while he is singing. I would definitely buy a CD of his if he doesn't go PoP.

    The girls in the competition do not impress me either. I want Ruben to win. Second choice is Clay.

  • happyout

    Actually, last night there was just a bottom two, Ruben and Trenyce. I don't know what the deal is with Josh, maybe there are a lot of military personnel voting for one of their own. I do know that when I was calling in to vote for Ruben (yes, I called a number of times), there were issues with the line not connecting. I wonder if they are aware of that, or if it affected the outcome.

    If Josh is not the next to go, I will have to stop watching the show, because it will be a total travesty.


  • shera

    Ruben,was on the bottom two?! WOW!

    I thought Josh was the next to go...I'll be ticked off as well if he isn't voted off next week.

  • sandy

    happyout and shera,

    I agree with you two. I will be very ticked off it Josh doesn't go next. The guy cannot sing well!!!!!

    I almost stopped watching when they voted Ricky off. I gave the show one more chance. I hopw I am not let down again.

    Hmmm......maybe I take this show too seriously.

  • TresHappy

    This show is driving me absolutely crazy, the continuous amount of advertising and then they didn't vote Josh off...the guy has a voice for country, but that's it. He should be on the USA Network show "Nashville Star."

  • freedom96

    Josh knows that he should have been the one. You could see his reaction to it; he knew he was gone. Ruben had no business down there.

    I suppose many of the Ruben voters got comfortable thinking everyone else would vote for him.

    I think it will be Ruben and Clay as the final two, though Kimberly has a shot. But I don't think she has as many fans.

    Ruben should win, with Clay still getting a recording contract as well. He might work good behind the scenes such as movies soundtracks.

  • sandy
    I suppose many of the Ruben voters got comfortable thinking everyone else would vote for him.

    I think you are 100% right on this one. I didn't vote for a couple of other shows with that thought exactly.

  • shera



    I like Ruben a lot,but I love that Clay.When he sings I all tingley

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