Chevy - Just had lunch with Matt....

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  • nightwarrior


    Had lunch at last with Matt - 1 hour is just not long enough.

    My daughter came along aswell, and the three of us had a good laugh.

    Mr NW was unable to make it today, but will for sure next time.

    But, what a lovely bloke Matt is - I was very kind to him, and we had loads to talk about, as I say, not enough time.

    Chevy - you have a great friend in Matt - and yes I saw your photo - you look lovely.

    You will have to pay a visit and we will all have lunch together !!!!!!!!

    Take Care

    Mrs Nightwarrior (Cath)

  • Brummie

    Sounds like they had a great time, kewl.


  • mattnoel

    Aw I am well touched !!!!

    Thank you so much. I really enjoyed lunch and Cath is a really great person, not at all what I expected but better - she is a riot and her Daughter is just as mad !

    I am looking forward to the friendship with them in the future as they really are lovely people that have been through tons of crap with the org.

    Thanks for the posting mrs !

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