Geoffrey Jackson and the Australian Royal Commission's timing of events

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  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    I don't see this as being too much of a coincidence. How often does Jackson go to Austrailia? Probably two or three times a year. Plus, how often do any of the other members end up visiting on assignment? Out of the rest of them combined, probably an additional two or three times a year.

    So, it's probably safe to say there's a GB member in Australia about six weeks a year and, due to them being used at the various conventions, most likely none of those weeks would overlap. We also have to consider that there was a two week overlap from when the ARC wanted to interview Jackson to when he showed up. All told, the odds that one of the GB would be available in any given two week period of the year is 29%. Or, just a hair under one in three.

    Happy coincidence. Nothing too amazing or surprising about those odds.

  • JWdaughter
    His dad died, so I don't think there is any funny business there.
  • freddo

    I watched the ARC and read its transcripts.

    I believe that GJ's father was very ill (not so ill that GJ couldn't attend the hearing for a day) I understand he died on September 30th about six/eight weeks later.

    I didn't get the luxury of having all my expenses paid so I could stay at the bedside when my mother was diagnosed terminally ill; I still went to work, meetings, busy elder, ministry and cared for my (then) young family. I continued with responsibilities of life.

    The ARC was initially very compassionate - they believed the Watchtower lie that GJ was not needed and they gave him a free pass.

    But then they saw how Toole and O'Brien tried to cover up for the GB and stop GJ appearing.

    This was tacitly confirmed by the obsequious Tockley the lawyer's fawning and hand-wringing in a last attempt to stop GJ appearing. "He can't Your Honour ... "

    McClellan kindly, caringly but firmly said HE WILL.

    Let's imagine it was true that GJ just had to hold his parents hands in their time of need. Why couldn't one of that oh so God-like band of brothers - the Guardians of Doctrine - say "You know what Geoff? I'll come over and take one for the team! Jehovah's Holy Spirit will look after me. It's not like I'm going to be tortured and crucified by the Romans is it?"

    G.B. = COWARDS!

    Branch Committees/lawyers = Scared of being out on their ears.

  • Mephis

    There was plenty of time for another of the GB to show up so Jackson could spend with his father. Did they even offer to do that? How about a videolink from New York? Nada. You'd think that would have been just a human thing to do? "Here I am Lord, oh no, don't send me there. How about one of the Pacific Islands with a nice beach instead?" Hypocrites.

    Limited sympathy for Jackson, even less with their blatant attempt to mislead the commission on the true role of the GB, and absolutely none reading his written clarifications backtracking from his 'we'll consider it' position he used when under personal scrutiny on the stand.

    Likely was just coincidence, especially with him being an Aussie on the GB, although I'm sure the commission would have requested someone from the GB at some point as it'll become very obvious now that JWs won't shift sufficiently on child protection issues. Jackson just didn't get the option not to turn up, whereas they'd have thumbed their nose at the request from Brooklyn if they'd been able to.

  • cofty
    His dad died, so I don't think there is any funny business there - JWDaughter

    :small_red_triangle::small_red_triangle: This :small_red_triangle::small_red_triangle:

  • nowwhat?
    For your average bethelite any time off for family emergency or death is taken off from your 2 week vacation time. Jackson got 2 months off!
  • ttdtt

    The GB have a lot of blood on their hands.

    Guess this scripture doesn't count for them.

    1 Tim 5:22

    22 Never lay your hands hastily on any man;*+ neither become a sharer in the sins of others; keep yourself chaste.

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