Who are the "Inactive"?

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    I haven't been to a Kingdom Hell or other wt assembly since August 2007. I quit FS in Jan 07, but turned in Phantom Time until May. I live in a town with 2 congos, but since an older former elder died last May, no one from here contacts me (except when my brother died, a current elder sent me a nice letter and another jw sent me a plant/card). The congo I moved to is 20 min away in another state, I left and I never hear from them either....and I LIKE IT.

    The ONLY reason I give a $hit is because my 72 year old mom is an active JW. Once she is gone, the JW can suck my b**ls. But I do what I want and they don't bother me.


  • BluesBrother

    We need to get this straight. The Convention does not tell them to shun us who are simply "inactive" . On the Contrary , we should be seen as lost sheep. The talk says :

    "Loyal Christians would not associate with “anyone called a brother”who is practicing serious sin This is true even if no congregation action as may be the case with an inactive one (w85 7/15 19 14) "

    That Wt reference tells of a "sister" long inactive who was living in an immoral relationship. In such cases Elders often do not take action if she were not known as a Witness. However her sons shunned her anyway and she was so hurt she "returned to Jehovah"

    I still don't get why they felt that need..all of the dubs I know who relatives like that are still happy to associate and try to win them back . It does not affect ones like me who live regular (boring) lives - but just do not practise the religion anymore.

  • konceptual99

    You are spot on the money BB. I am sure there will be a minority of dubs who might start being harsher with some relatives/associates. I am also sure there will be some who will mistakenly think they need to shun all inactive ones. I get the feeling however that actually most will dream on through the talk, hardly notice it and the status quo will remain. It's far more of a trigger point for the exJW community than those inside.

    There will probably be a WT down the line repeating the counsel which will get more attention but I doubt that will be able to be interpreted any differently to the content of the talk.

  • stuckinarut2

    The problem with that line BB is that it gives licence to witnesses to shun someone and allow the rumour mill to fill in the gaps as to the reasons why.

    They will reason that the person is (wicked, sinful, apostate, etc) but the elders have not yet caught up with them.

    The FACTS never matter in their minds....

  • sparky1


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  • sparrowdown

    The Inactives are the second lowest of the castes with the Disfellowshipped being the lowest caste.

    Inactives are allowed to converse with higher castes and sit with them during indoctrination sessions but higher castes like the Regulars may decide whether they wish to acknowledge the existence of the Inactives or not.

  • Vidiot

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