Trump in Prophecy

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  • DJS

    And if we dont forward this prophetic message to 4 friends by Thursday a pox will be on us and our families.

    Absolute BS. You lose what little credibility you have V when you post such nonsense. That you think it has relevance suggests you deserve none.

  • DJS

    Part Deux:

    Just a change in a few thousand votes in 2 or 3 states would have changed the outcome of the election. Hillary won the popular vote. It was lots of things, but a landslide wasn't one of them.

    Millions of people predicted a Trump victory; they are called Trump supporters. He has been dabbling in a presidential run for a long time. Hillary, before Trump entered the fray, had one of the highest negative ratings in political history. She has had a well deserved reputation for decades as being a mean spirited elitist. The ONLY reason Hillary was even considered likely to win the election is because the Republican candidates including Trump all shot themselves in their own feet while they weren't shooting one another.

    The country is fractured right down the middle. ANY outcome, given these situations AND the plethora of candidates who, other than Bernie, came across as complete buffoons, would not have been a surprise.

    And finally: If Deborah the prophetess is so good why isn't she in Vegas gambling? Playing the lottery? Picking stocks? Betting on the NBA, NFL, . . . . . .

  • Vanderhoven7

    Here was my Nov. 1st response to my friend's prophecy

    "Thanks for the prophecy. I don't despise it; but I will wait to see if it comes to pass before accepting it as really from God. My doubt centers on the lack of moral direction or significance in knowing such information in advance. So I doubt God is behind it."

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