All JWs need to watch this great may give them pause for thought.

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  • deanxxx

    I know how hard it is to awaken people still inside the cult bubble. There are many reasons for this, chief among them the unwillingness to read or watch anything critical of their religion. On the other hand, JWs love few things more than hearing bad stuff about other faith groups.

    With that in mind, maybe one 'tactic' could be to show JW family/friends documentaries like the recent 'Prophet's Prey' (2015) about the psychopathic, sexual predatory, paedophilic recidivist scumbag Warren Jeffs and the FLDS church. Just maybe, for a moment, they will look inwards and notice some uncomfortable similarities. After all, daring to think the unthinkable is what made me start asking questions.

    Anyway, if you haven't seen the film it's well worth a watch. It's sickening of course but also, in many ways quite familiar.

    The excellent movie 'Spotlight' could be worth a go too.

  • deanxxx
    Haha...Just got to 1hr 10mins in. Lol, it's worth watching the film just to hear Jeffs destroy Bob Dylan.
  • talesin

    I see it is on Putlocker, so I shall watch it on the w/end. Bookmarked, and thanks!

    Will check out Spotlight as well - is it new? I always have to check, I've watched as many as I could find. The CBC archives has some good stuff. xx

  • deanxxx
    talespin: Spotlight is new, I think it's on putlocker but I got it from piratebay. Yeh CBC is great.
  • talesin

    Good stuff! I have a busy morning, but will spend the next couple of days resting, so will watch those two docs.


    I love the CBC, glad you're a fan, too. Marketplace is a fav, and of course, the Doc Zone and The Passionate Eye. There *is* good TV (though I don't own one) to be found, and I like the British and Australian public channels as well. The only show I really miss is Jeopardy. Yes, I'm a nerd. : P

    Thanks for the heads-up, and Happy Friday.

  • Tornintwo
    I watched Spotlight last weekend and it's just excellent, it's based in the newsroom on the reporters, it just gives you a sense of the enormity of what went on in the Catholic Church and the scale of the cover up, how high up it went etc. just shocking.
  • Landy
    I think JWs have an inability to correlate anything that happens in another religion/cult with their own. They will happily watch any docs on other cults and nod satisfactorily to themselves, self confirming that they have the 'truth'.
  • deanxxx

    "They will happily watch any docs on other cults and nod satisfactorily to themselves, self confirming that they have the 'truth'."

    Sadly, very true.

  • tor1500


    The JW's could watch anything that may look, walk or talk like them..but they will never admit it...they see it, but won't admit it. You see, if you took away Jehovah Witness, what would they be left with? What would be their identity. That is their identity being a JW, & if you took that away from them, what would they have or who would they be....Zilch, nothing, Zero....

    Many have turned their backs on their friends & family who did not worship Jehovah, so now many may want to come out but can't...they have no one. But what they don't know or maybe they do, folks outside the org. are just imperfect folks just like they are. Today there is too much media talk for them not to know what's going on behinh closed doors, but they choose not to listen....Oh, they no it's true...but too embarrassed to admit it....too busy pointing fingers at others...Their pride just won't let them.

    JW's are like Teflon, nothing sticks on them....even when they sin, they say, well, it's not so much that they sinned but that they brought reproach on Jehovah's name....None of what we do sticks to God...if we do something wrong it brings reproach on US, not Jehovah. See even when they sin they are not accountable...they throw it on Jehovah...Oh Jehovah I know I did wrong but more than that I brought reproach on your name...Phooey...


  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Looks like it's on Hulu.. but you need to have Showtime as well. Prophet's Prey Documentary

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