Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 4-2-17 WT Study (January 2017)(ENTRUST)

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  • kpop

    Thank you Blondie. I always appreciate your input and although I don't always leave a comment, I usually read your post about the WT study since I like to use your points to talk to others. I think though the JW cult has entered "the last days" all on its own.

  • SAHS

    “blonde”: “In one congregation, there were not enough younger brothers to handle accounts, sound, stage, literature, magazines, territories, hall maintenance, etc. The elders wanted to have sisters handle some of this, but the CO said absolutely not, if no brothers qualified then the elders would have to do it.

    It seems really strange and ridiculous to me that theoretically some young punk guy covered with tattoos who has been in a drug gang and been in prison but who happened to quickly move up the ranks and just recently became a ministerial servant would automatically be qualified to perform all those congregation duties simply for being male – WHEREAS, a kindly, mature, elderly sister who has a lifetime of experience with regular pioneering – or perhaps even have been know as one of the anointed remnant for many years – would automatically be disqualified simply for being female.

    Indeed, in this example, the young tattooed, punk (male) ministerial servant would be seen handling the microphones or sound system, working behind the literature counter, doing the congregation accounts, etc., . . . . while the mature elderly pioneer sister (female) would probably be seen scrubbing the toilets or baking brownies for the pioneer service school.

    So, evidently™, either the Watch Tower is run by a little bunch of old men making up and embellishing the rules as they go; OR, this Jehovah God isn’t really a God of justice and fairness after all!

  • blondie

    I was in Canada, very small congregation, 1 elder, 1 MS, and a sister did the accounts, sound, and literature/mags/territories.

    It is one of those cases is there were possible brothers, but it WAS a case of not growing them into men who could do it. Usually, time is too low, perhaps on purpose.

    There were 8 ex-elders too that were not interested.

    The BOE finally relented and let sisters mow the lawn after it got knee high. But a brother had to be there if only doing something else at the KH.

    In one congregation, behind the scenes and kept hush hush, a sister did the accounts, but an elder had to announce them on stage.

    One more reason I never wanted to live forever in the WT paradise.

  • freddo

    Prospective young (under 25) non MS males:

    22 year old just married, nervy wife - can just about cope with running a microphone.

    20 year old - nice lad - always away partying!

    19 year old who hasn't a good record for "keeping it in his pants".

    14 year old autistic lad.

    That's it folks!

  • waton

    During the Sunday "study", eager commenters and their comments were closely watched by those that would suffer from implementing these suggestions, such as grooming others, rivals even, for a coming takeover.

    There are going to be interesting reactions, locally to the material.

  • steve2


    An older brother is proud when a younger brother he has trained conducts the Watchtower Study

    If I were standing at the podium and an elderly man was close-by to my right grinning at me, I would feel decidedly uncomfortable.

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