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  • luckynedpepper

    ive asked the same question; when are we having the undedication ceremony? More importantly, if we dont support Babylon the Great, maybe we should demolish the building, and sell it as undeveloped land. After all, the building has been bought and paid for and not by WTBTS

  • Foolednomore

    I was an Inspector for awhile and I got into a heated argument with the elders as to what building I can and can't inspect. But it is ironic the sell of Kingdumb halls to other churches. Which I pointed out. They wanted me to inspect some of their Kingdumb and personal projects. Which I was never available for their bullshit.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the local quick build in my town ( Ryde, isle of Wight, UK ) has been sold and is now an animal veterinary hospital.

    So it finally came in useful.

    In pre covid days i asked a couple of doorstep soldiers what happened to the money ( about £500k )--they replied its used to build more halls in Africa. I laughed .

  • Mum

    My friend in Chico, California says that the JW's there bought a Nazarene Church and closed off all the windows and converted it to a Kingdumb Hell. I never heard of such a thing before, but if anyone here lives in Chico, I would appreciate confirmation of this account. I have asked Kim Brooks if she can find out about it, and she is working on it.

  • karter

    I worked on a Quick build and it rained all weekend , They should never have put the Gib board on as the framing was wet but a Brother who was an Engineer singed it off .....well not long after mold started comming throught the Gib and had to be ripped off dryed out and replaced , They should never had put the gib board on but to show how wonderful they are building it in a weekend they went ahead and payed the price.

    Another one i worked on the put an M.S in charge of the scaffolding he had never done scaffolding before , My Brother was a qualified scaffolder and told him to stop pulling out some Braces to use else where , He said "I'm in charge here you do as i say" just becouse hes an M.S thought he knew better , My brother went to the guy incharge and said im out of here unless this is done properly as any accidents ill cop it.


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