Analytical trend after broadcasts?

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I recall reading in The Freeminds Journal a few years ago that a member of the GB gave a talk at a southern California district convention. He commented that many changes in the Society were in the offing, changes that many JWs would be unhappy with.

    Wish I had that copy in hand.

    Thanks, Randy!


  • Vidiot

    @ done4good...

    I've always said that the GB were my "favorite apostates". :smirk:

  • Vidiot

    compound complex - "...He commented that many changes in the Society were in the offing, changes that many JWs would be unhappy with..."

    Like televangelism, debit machines at KHs, trolley carts, JW-dot-org pins, and Letto the Clown?

  • Finkelstein

    I personally think that the JW broadcasts are harming the organization from a analytical point of view. People can evaluate information deeper when they listen to a person acknowledging that he is one of the JWS leaders of this organization.

    This recent bread slicing drama doesn't make for an appealing analogy, probably because of destroying good food. Not so much when viewed in rich modern countries but in Africa a person might have to work a whole day for a loaf of quality fresh bread.

    The action of cutting off a part of ones body symbolized by a loaf of bread with a knife and tossing the left over into a trash can doesn't look appealing either.

    Propagates fear perhaps but I think that was the inherent intent.

    The fear mongering continues for the WTS. , I predicted this recently being that the WTS's own doctrines have obvious failed, making the WTS heads a bit nervous and paranoid about member retention.

    I also wonder if the realization of the lower amount of people getting baptized into this religion is fueling up the fear mongering as well.

  • Vidiot

    Like I keep saying, JWTV was the best thing to ever happen to the WTS and the XJW community.

    The GB have found their true calling as televangelists...

    ...and our claims that they were no better than televangelists were proven right all along.

  • Dissonant15
    They helped wake me up, and continue to help me stay awake for sure
  • stuckinarut2
    Its only a few keyboard clicks away from the official site to a wealth of information on line.....
  • JWdaughter
    I loved the bread demo! It got me in the mood to bake and in one day I made Sesame bread, French Bread and Naan. Then I decided that cookies would be good and made pecan tea cookies. Yesterday was a good day for the men in my life:)

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