Do You Support Nancy Pelosi and The Democrats Way of Working On The Coronavirus?

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  • minimus

    I think the American people need to get help on the Coronavirus and leave it at that! Forget about adding things from the liberal agenda! The House and the Senate need to work together now to do their jobs.

  • JimmyYoung

    Oh hell no, This idiot dottering fool both Schumner and Polousy are trying to put the green new deal into the emergency package. What a bunch of Dempcrap douche nozzles.

  • minimus

    They figured it’s a great time to sneak their agenda in. I hope all Americans see what they are doing.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It's all about partisan politics!

    Both parties would rather see the country crash and burn than let the opposition get credit for anything good.

  • minimus

    It’s sad that we can’t get together and simply work this out without adding someone’s agenda.

  • Simon

    Trying to enrich their hobby projects as part of emergency funding is NOT on. They need a whack round the head with some electoral 2x2.

    Seriously, what does Planned Parenthood funding and other shit have to do with supporting people who may be losing their jobs and unable to buy food or risk losing their house? Nothing.

    It's shameful and they should pay a heavy price for it. So should all the media and newspapers who push their propaganda about it.

  • Hairtrigger

    Pelosy is an effing disease. As are Her libtard party-mates who are using this as a launching pad for their private agendas. I hope democratic supporters can see through their bs this time and vote them out.

  • enigma1863

    You people have lost your damn minds. Where in any of the bills does it mention planned parenthood? Republicans want an unregulated slush fund of 500 billion dollars to help their corporate cronies. When a journalist brought this up to the president he said he would watch the fund. The man who isn’t even allowed to run a charity for ripping off children and veterans.

  • betterdaze
    Where in any of the bills does it mention planned parenthood?

    It doesn't. Dems created a loophole in order to fund Planned Parenthood, the Party's de facto money laundering operation.

    The initial draft of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act deliberately left out language applying Hyde Amendment protection to new funding, but the White House ensured that the final version maintained this protection, which bars federal funding for abortions.

    So the chicanery was caught and corrected. That bill was passed March 14.

    Now this. In the new bill under consideration, Planned Parenthood would be banned from accessing crisis loans because of an exclusion of nonprofits receiving Medicaid. They don't qualify as a small business either.

    So it is the Democrats losing their minds. Without the tax-free Planned Parenthood slush fund hiding behind nonprofit laws and stealing taxpayer money through rushed legislation, the Democratic Party is screwed. This is most likely their last chance at a taxpayer funded cash grab via PP before Trump's almost certain re-election.

    PP already pledged $45 MILLIONS to Democrat candidates this year so far; it's not like they need our money to stay in business... unless their real business is banking Dems.

  • minimus

    Betterdaze, 👍👍

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