Non Christian Theists

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  • logansrun

    Are there any non-Christian theists on this board? I ask because it seems that there are two polarities for the members here: either some form of Evangelicalized Christian or atheist. But, has anyone managed to go a different route? Buddhism? Deism? Philisophical theism?

    I ask because one of my all-time favorite authors is the skeptic of all skeptics, Martin Gardner. Interestingly, he was raised as a fundamentalist but broke away from any type of Christian belief whatsoever. He does not believe in any religion, nor is he involved in "new age" mysticism (as a matter of fact, he's made a career of debunking stuff like that). Yet, despite his extreme scientific leanings and skepticism, he believes in a personal God. He proclaims himself a "fideist" -- someone who believes in God for non-rational reasons.

    I consider myself an agnostic, basically. But, I'd be fascinated to read about the other "non-traditional" religious paths of other board members.

    Enlighten me.


  • JamesThomas

    Hello Brad. Perhaps this would fit into "nontraditional". Somewhere along the way I realized that the limits or boundaries attributed to the Source of this marvelous universe -- are creations of my mind, and things once taught to me by others. Thus, I let go off all religious beliefs, theologies and philosophies (of which I studied much) as these all reduce our Source to a thing, an idea, an intellectual exercise, futile attempts at knowing That, which is unknowable to the finite and carnal mind. The mind can not know God/Truth, for like darkness trying to understand the light, darkness will know the light only at the cost of itself. We can not know ultimate Truth, we can only be It. So, I have no religion or belief system. No intellectual concepts or ideas about Truth/God. I do know that the mind is not the portal to Truth; and that any thought or concept I can come up with, any word that can be spoken, cannot touch or clarify Truth. I do know that to come to know Truth is as simple as letting go, dying to all you think you know and who you think you are, and consciously observing the depths of your own being. Silently, openly, trustingly and nonjudgmentally allowing the Living-truth to reveal Itself. Most would consider me an atheist, as I believe in no objective god. Nothing that can be spoken of. Yet, I can honestly say that what the word "God" points to, is my Everything. Go figure. JamesT

  • Navigator

    I no longer consider myself a Christian in the fundamentalist sense in that I don't believe that Jesus died for our sins. Nor do I consider that he was anymore divine than I am. More enlightened? Of course! I have taken several tests and come out classified as "New thought" or Buddist. I think of Jesus as my Yoga Master.

  • Sirona

    I am wiccan. Incidentally, I don't see Wicca as "new age mysticism".


  • Ravyn

    I am a New Age Deist Witch. Non-wiccan.

    Deist because I do not believe in a personal god, but I do believe in a First Cause with other higher life forms that humans have called gods who can communicate with us. Which is where the New Age part fits in. Channeling etc. And I am a witch since I do practice magick, usually of the quantum, chaotic type--which to me is not so supernatural as much as it is just yet to be identified by modern science--which takes me back to the Deism.


    PS : Sirona---New Age is not a dirty word! But I agree I do not see Wicca as New Age Mysticism either---I think of Mysticism as more of Shamanism.

  • Aztec

    Apparently, I'm a pinko commie so don't ask me...Actually, I'm a hedonist, anarchist agnostic...but only if you want to label me.:p ~Aztec

  • Bona Dea
    Bona Dea

    someone who believes in God for non-rational reasons

    That would fit me. Over the past year and half I have lost all faith in the bible and have no desire to be involved in any "religion". I consider myself to be Agnostic, however I still believe in the possibility of a god...and have no proof of this possible god's existance and no real reason to believe except that at one point in my life I felt a euphoric connection with some unseen presence. It was almost an indescribable experience. And it didn't happen while I was attending any church or subscribing to any system of beliefs. It just happened. So, perhaps this experience is the reason why I am not so eager to completely trash the idea of "something more". I know there is absolutely no rational reason what-so-ever to believe that there is anything more to my existance than what I see, but I am just not willing to close my mind to the possibilities. Perhaps I am just not ready to strip away all the mystery from life and only accept it in its basest and tangible form.


  • gitasatsangha

    I believe it was a famous swami who once said, "When I am in the temple I am a Hindu, when I am at Church I am a Christian, when I am at a mosque a mussalman."

    I tend to follow the Vedanta, so you could perhaps call me a Vedantist. ( for explanatin etc., I don't feel like a long explanatory post). At the same time I am also interested in the harmony of all world religions, and in western esotericism especially.

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