Second in the Medal Table - Well Done TeamGB

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  • DJS
    Great job Brits!! A predicted bump after hosting the Games 4 years ago, but well done!!! AND, 35 of China's medals were in badminton and ping pong. And yard darts, which makes it all the more impressive!
  • darkspilver
  • darkspilver

    The aim is quite simple: to ensure Great Britain becomes the first home nation to deliver more medals at the following away Games.

    At London 2012, Team GB won 65 medals (of which 29 where GOLD).

    UK Sport, which determines how public funds raised via the national lottery and tax are allocated to elite-level sport, has pledged almost £350m to Olympic and Paralympic sports between 2013 and 2017 – up 11% on the run-up to London 2012.

    Those sports that have fuelled the rise in Britain’s medal-table positions over the past eight years – athletics, boxing and cycling, for example – were rewarded with increased investment.

    Sports that failed to hit their 2012 medal target – including crowd-pleasers such as wrestling, table tennis and volleyball – either had their funding reduced or cut altogether

    So far, on average, each GB medal at the Rio Olympics has cost £5.5m in investment

    (golf, rugby sevens and tennis received no funding)

  • Hadriel

    ...does no one get satire. I was just joking around fellas.

    Yeah pretty considering the population and to best China is quite something.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    This is amazing. The medals keep coming. GB are beating the 2012 curve without home advantage.

    I have just been watching Laura Trott winning the omnium. She is such a lovely girl next door but when she puts that helmet on she turns into an assassin. Helmet off and she was in tears watching her husband-to-be win his event. Fabulous!

    Then the 16 year old Amy Tinkler, she was 12 for the London olympics and secures a bronze.

    I am proud, inspired and moved by them all.

  • cofty
  • Zoos

    Phelps is a beast!

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Better and better the Brownlees, Nick Skelton 58 years old. Hockey gold! Just fabulous.

    i am proud to be British.

  • konceptual99

    Thanks to another set of wonderful performances, including the amazing Mo Farah, we have now exceeded the 2012 totals and become the first nation to exceed a medal tally in the games subsequent to the one hosted by the nation.

    It looks like TeamGB might actually do what I thought was not likely and end up in second place overall.

    Whatever your thoughts are about the money that has been invested in GB's Olympic success, it's an awesome performance.

  • cofty

    Absolutely awesome!

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