What Could Jehovah’s Special Provision Be to Save His People From the Wicked Watchtower Society?

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    Hi to all,

    I was baptized as one of Jehovah Witnesses in 1986. Then in 2003, I disassociated myself officially with a letter. But I did not stop reading the bible or believing in God.

    But I have noticed everyone’s reaction here is very different to the great wickedness of the Watchtower Society.

    Some of us do not believe in God anymore, and threw their bibles away completely.

    While some of us, me included, still believe in God and what is written in the bible but have wondered from time to time what God’s Special Provision will be to save His people from the Wicked Watchtower Society, according to the bible?

    But I guess, the question I am raising applies more for someone who still believes in the bible and bible prophecy, and is wondering if God is going to take action in behalf of His people.

    Therefore my question is based on this scripture:

    28 And I give them everlasting life, and they will by no means ever be destroyed, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. 29 What my Father has given me is something greater than all other things, and no one can snatch them out of the hand of the Father.” John 10:28, 29 NWT

    This above scripture must mean even the wicked Watchtower Society cannot SNATCH THEM OUT of Jehovah's and Jesus' hand.

    So my question is: What could Jehovah's Special Provision be to save HIs People from the wicked Watchtower Society?

    Looking forward to your response to this question.


  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Check out e-watchman. He has some ideas.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Well I've slowly given up on belief in the bible but, one thing I said to my exfriend jw is - if it was God's organization he would have sent out a prophet to warn them to change their ways. I said this because she had admitted there were teachings that weren't right etc.

    One of things that showed me that they weren't chosen by God in 1918-1919 was a thorough study of Daniel and Revelation against the WT's Daniels book of prophesies and Revelation the Grand Climax book. Not only did it show that they got it wrong, but that they knew it. They know they are not the "two witnesses" (at least those who had a hand in writing the two WT books)

    I say that as background to my next answer. Being that they are no different than any other religion that claims they got it right, or country or government that claim that they are for people when they in fact just use and abuse them - you might say "Who will save mankind from other humans?"

  • sarahsmile

    Jesus gave his life for everyone so they can be saved! The point with Jesus is that his sheep hear his voice and they will not follow after false Jesus.

    Does the JW follow after a false Jesus? I would say yes.

    The special provision is Jesus Christ and the many different bibles. God draws who he wants and only he has the power to snatch people out of all religions.

  • Finkelstein

    What could Jehovah's Special Provision be to save His People from the wicked Watchtower Society?

    The Truth written in Scripture. adhering to what the bible says about how to identify false prophets and what to do when you come upon them.

    False prophets in the vein of corrupt charlatanism in the modern age are hand in hand the same.

  • Crazyguy

    most people stay in the religion they were raised and most when pushed about their beliefs cognitive dissidents kicks in. God must know that this condition in the human mind is real and therefore would not judge anyone to harshly. If a god was to judge someone it would be those that are liars and I would think those that are pure evil. Other then that could god really judge anyone else with out himself being cruel?

  • nicolaou

    As hundreds have already died because of Watchtower doctrine I'd say your god has already failed in his promise. You neglected to highlight the part of verse 28 that states; "they will by no means ever be destroyed"

    Why worship a god that could save his children but fails to do so?

  • jwleaks

    Why do jehovah's people have to be within or under the control of the Watchtower Society to begin with? Why can't they be trapped by Sea Org instead of trapped by JW Org? Why can't they be Buddhists for whom the light has not yet gotten brighter?

    The bible says that god will take out a people for 'his' name but we don't know exactly what 'his' name is. Besides, god is the one that will take out a people for 'his' NOT a group of people will decide to take on 'his' name and claim to be 'his' people.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from A Watcher:

    Check out e-watchman. He has some ideas.

    If by e-watchman you mean this site:

    Jehovah's Witnesses Watchman - The Watchman's Post

    I would agree. With a caveat.

    Checking out his site does have educational merit. Robert does a good job of identifying and clarifying the numerous foibles of WTBorg Cult Inc. with some interesting interpretations of his own. And it seems that he does have a dedicated following of both active and inactive/former witnesses.

    The commentary which follows each of his articles is especially interesting for any who are wondering how the Cult Indoctrination continues to affect attitudes and behaviors among a following who are at varying stages of active involvement with The Cult or are at some phase of fading/disassociation/exit.

    The site is in reality an "echo chamber" of sorts for Cult Dogma. While many who follow Robert claim to have TTATT, fully awakened XJws do not last long as contributing "members." Any who are in disagreement with Robert's unique brand of Watchtower Doctrine and who post views critical of his interpretations are promptly "banned."

    Robert himself claims to be "of the anointed" but when his comments, his behaviors and his actions are studied one can easily come to the realization that he is as deluded as the governing body who he loves to criticize.

    The site is worth looking at as it does provide ample material for study in the realms of doctrine/dogma/human behavior and the long term effects of Cult Indoctrination.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from Jw Leaks:

    Why do jehovah's people have to be within or under the control of the Watchtower Society to begin with? Why can't they be trapped by Sea Org instead of trapped by JW Org?

    Most excellent question.

    The Word tells us that All of Creation are in fact Property of The Son, for whom all were created, and The Father who will ultimately be "all in all."

    The Word cautions us of the "rules of men" and of "organizations" who compete for followers and believers.

    The Word tells us that ALL will be "saved" and rehabilitated, healed and given eternal life. It may be a long process of restitution for the many but it will be done.

    The example of Saul (the greatest sinner who ever lived) and how he became Paul illustrates that none are beyond healing. Every living soul who has been created will be saved.

    One day in the distant future we will know all about the mysteries which now puzzle and confound us.

    The Forces of Good will win Big Time.

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