Another "good" elder might be getting the axe....

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  • ttdtt
    stuckinarut24 hours ago
    Most bodies of elders have bullies on them that create a dominant spirit or attitude in their congregation.
    It sounds like the bullies won....

    The Bullies always WIN - that what the GB want - they don't want LOVE they want BULLIES who will toe the line and pound the congregation.

    See Elders who act "like fictitious jesus" would let people live by their conscience, not meddle in things that are of no business to them, support those who are down or need help with something other than a Pointless Shepherding Call to read a scripture and them guilt them for whatever problem they are struggling with.

    So since the Borg have nothing to do with Love - it's not part of the SOP.

    I could go on...

  • ducatijoe

    I never understood this. JWs believe Satin is one of Jehovah's children and he never removed himself when Satin rebelled.

    Oh well... guess that is part of why I don't want to be part of the Borg anymore.


    Another "good" elder might be getting the axe....

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  • nonjwspouse

    My husband's father was removed as an elder when his son, my husband, was (unbaptised) caught involved in drugs and unrepentant.For years I naively insisted to my husband jt there is no way his fathers leaving was my husband fault! That his father must have had a reason to leave. It seemed so wrong! Well, now I know better. The JWs do this type of vicious thing. My husband was probably put through some horrible guilt trips about that. Although I do believe his father had to be already having doubt feelings before this came up otherwise why would he absolutely disappear from the KH and all things JW, with NO attempt ever to go back?

    He was considered, according to those who ever have spoken about this, the "best elder they had". He walked out that day and never went back. That was in 1978 or so.( He converted because of his girlfriend and then wife in the early 60's.

    I believe he did see the true light of the reality of the WTBTS, at least enough of it to know he was not going to have anything to do with it any more. He refuses to discuss anything about it. His wife is still in and he knows full well what would happen if he made waves and got himself DFed ot DAd.

  • sparrowdown

    No such thing as a good "elder." Just good men trying to be WT elders while remaining loving and kind, but, because you cannot be a good WT elder and exercise your own conscience something has gotta give.

    Meaning, either you give in to the peer pressure and become a typical psychopath elder or you get axed for being too soft.

  • Vidiot
    ttdtt - "...The bullies always win..."

    Bullies win battles.

    They always lose the war, eventually, though.

  • notsurewheretogo

    If he resigned then he doesn't need to be a MS again...if his teenage daughter moved out of the family home and he was not to blame in her disfellowshipping then he can be reappointed straight to an elder again unless 2 years pass.

  • pale.emperor

    I can honestly say, in my 31 years as a Jdub there were only 2 elders that i thought were good, decent men. Even now as an apostate i'd give my right arm for them. Bear in mind i must have met literally thousands of elders in my time that's a very shocking statistic.

    Ive seen with my own eyes one elder embarrassing a young struggling unbaptized man about his poor meeting attendance. The young man walked out mid sentence and never came back.

    Another elder would screw up your report slip and throw it at your feet if it was less that 6 hours a month.

    And my absolute favorite asshole was from a neighboring congregation. His daughter was having a BBQ and invited me and my brothers and sisters - then he approached me after the meeting as asked if my dad was an elder. I said no and was promptly uninvited from their BBQ. (At first i was pissed, but a year later i had my hand down his other younger and hotter daughters bra at a house party so it made up for it).

  • flipper

    " Why does the Watchtower shoot themselves in the foot like this ? "

    Because WT leaders WANT the jerk elders to rule the congregations to keep rank & file JW's in line. WT leaders do NOT care about " kindness ", " love ", or " compassion " . They only care about obedience , being rigid, and not respecting personal boundaries of JW's. So these days - kind elders who show love get left in the dust and are a minority- sadly. This is a criminal organization run by criminals- should we expect them to do the RIGHT thing ? Not going to happen

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