In love, and my life is . . .

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    The Tender of the Flock

    What manner of adversary are you, O Cupid,
    My newest enemy and cleaver of a heart

    Rent in two by Love's dart unwanted?
    Scarce would I seek your quiver emptied of all

    Implements of Love's war, if but to liberate
    This shepherd boy from a wasting sickness

    Brought upon an unsuspecting and pure spirit.
    Content have I been to drink in Nature's

    Beauty and surfeit my pining soul with
    Her manifold bounties.

    She and she alone has been,
    To present, sufficient food for all

    My youthful cravings.
    Now, because of you,

    Despised one, my once
    Simple eye has become darkened.

    The Serpent has coiled round and round.
    He holds tight fast and lets flow his venom

    Slow and insuperable till my full
    Allegiance becomes guaranteed.

    That dear, dear and innocent tender
    Of the fold abides no more.

    Your arrows, O Cupid, are they clad
    In lead or are they sheathed in gold?

    O, cunning and ruthless One, I have become
    Weary from a desire heretofore unknown.

    I am sickened at my very center.
    Flesh and resolve, at one time resistant

    To sin's allure, are now troubled by
    Inconvenient stirrings.

    They rumble deep within a frame of roiling
    And burning blood that seeks an unlikely cooling.

    Come closer, dear Cupid, for I speak only in jest.
    Truly, do I love you.

    Before this febrile brow breaks its hold,
    However, would I have clipped your wings

    If upon your cursed neck I should fall?
    Love's sweet suffering has made a blameless

    Child mad and unaccountable for his present
    State of amorous intoxication.

    I pray the gods render righteous judgment on my
    Behalf, should my madness . . . should my madness

    Lead to Cupid's demise by a strangler's hand. . . .

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    On the slim chance anyone reads this, did you fall in love with one of the sheep while "tending the flock," i.e., carrying out, in all sincerity, your Theocratic assignments? Guys or gals, all the same in love and war.

    It was a thin line between agape love and the "other" one, the one that could lead to ruin.

    Oh, well, I hope someone comments . . .

  • LV101

    Ah, humans, eh! LOL re/ "the sheep"! I observed/heard about some really awkward/weird situations -- not that yours was in this category. No wonder so many elders' wives were in fear of single women and those with UBM (think thats unbelieving mate acronym). Life happens, Coco. An ole man (ex PO) was chasing a high school senior even to the point of buying her a car. Her parents were old friends/heavily involved with the dope but it was something. This was one of the least shocking scenarios that went on. She was working for me running errands -- he'd call every phone number where she might be - nauseating! They were obviously using the idiot!

  • Diogenesister
    She was working for me running errands -- he'd call every phone number where she might be - nauseating! They were obviously using the idiot!

    Oh that's quite sad, really. Its funny I was madly in love with a dead composer when I was young...I longed for the day in paradise he was resurrected, youthful again!

    Maybe the age thing in Watchtard land is disregarded more for this very reason? (Then when elder's young again he won't think she's good looking anymore - the young are so fussy!)

    Hey, Compound ! nice rap!!

  • LV101

    Yes, Dio - it's sad he was being played but hilarious considering the type of sod he was. When I started at a 2nd hall I was told he was very physically abusive with his wife (really abusive and I still shudder at what I was told!) and I heard in the original hall before I left that he had to be supervised when in the presence of his two sons!! They were high school age and long gone from the cult. He had power at the hall and was a heavy in the main clique. Gotta love WT power and the stupid minions.

    He used to try to really schmooze all the really younger girls and I warned my kid don't talk to him - when he comes near you get far away or come stand by me -- don't look at him, etc., even before I'd heard all this. I did know he was stalking the gal (she was a wild child) that received the car.

  • LV101

    Dio - his ex-wife. She got away from him, fortunately.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, LV101 and Diogenesister!

    Love your comments!

  • LV101

    Coco - "State of amorous intoxication" guess the saying that 'love is that feeling of 2 glasses of wine on top of a pain pill' makes sense - LOL! Never tried the wine/med mix but who knows!

    You're quite the writer - excellent and thanks for sharing your gift.

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