The Best Reason for freeing Iraq!!

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  • ThiChi

    Iraqi prostitutes back on the streets after Saddam

    BAGHDAD, April 29 (Reuters) - Um Jenan used to wear gold jewellery, tight jeans and see-through blouses to attract VIP clients to her apartment in Baghdad -- until the masked men in black packed her into a minibus and drove her away.

    When they laid out her body in front of her home the next day, she was dressed in loose-fitting sweat pants and a T-shirt. A banner on the wall above said "God is greatest!."

    Beside her lay her severed head.

    "I couldn't stop looking at her," said Ali Waad, who was 11 when Um Jenan was murdered by a death squad loyal to Saddam Hussein in 1999. "Other boys burst out crying, but I just stood there staring at the head."

    Such was the brutal justice meted out to prostitutes under the rule of Saddam, driving the world's oldest profession deep underground in recent years.

    But since U.S.-led forces toppled Saddam three weeks ago, Baghdad's sex workers have slowly crept back to the capital's bombed-out streets.

    Prostitutes face new dangers in a city ravaged by looting and lawlessness, but most are keen to take advantage of the power vacuum until a new government is established and religious leaders clamp down on their trade.

    In a country where many women dress all in black and most wear headdresses, high-buttoned loose blouses and long skirts, heavily made-up streetwalkers stand out on the kerbside.

    They open their shawls to reveal tight trousers and bright-coloured tops for drivers passing slowly by.

    "They are all over the place now -- I see them everywhere," said Ahmed Sabri, a taxi driver. "I could always spot them before, but now it's so obvious. They are not afraid and do it far more openly."


    Prostitution flourished in Iraq in the 1990s as U.N. sanctions, imposed after Saddam's troops invaded Kuwait in 1990, brought economic hardship, forcing many women to offer their bodies for cash -- a trade abhorred by devout Muslims.

    Government officials in BMWs and Mercedes, with pistols strapped to their waists, used to come to see Um Jenan and about 30 other prostitutes in the drab "Saddam Complex" of sand-coloured apartment blocks where they lived.

    Shop owner Wisam Mohammed remembers seeing Um Jenan, who was in her 40s, dressed in revealing outfits, buying cigarettes, make-up and perfume in his general supplies store.

    Then one day in 1999, the group of men dressed in black with their faces covered took Jenan away and decapitated her.

    After that, the slick cars stopped coming to the "Saddam Complex" and the prostitutes quietly moved away.

    Baghdad residents say such gruesome punishments were meted out on prostitutes across the capital that year in a sudden crackdown on an illegal trade that had been tacitly tolerated by Saddam's secular government.

    Media restrictions meant Iraqis heard about the executions only by word of mouth, and estimates vary on how many people were killed -- from dozens to hundreds.

    Still, most agree on the cause of the crackdown -- foreign pornographic videos of Iraqi prostitutes wrapped in the black, white and red national flag, and, according to many versions, dancing on a portrait of Saddam.

    The insult sparked the attacks by Saddam's Fedayeen loyalist militia on prostitutes, pimps and particularly anyone suspected of selling girls abroad.


    Baghdad's prostitutes no longer fear attacks from the Fedayeen. But the city is fraught with new dangers.

    One woman, who was repeatedly approached by drivers as she stood by a major Baghdad thoroughfare -- ostensibly selling soft drinks -- said a friend was killed by a client the night before.

    With chipped black nail varnish, faded pink lipstick and missing teeth, the woman, who gave her name as Mawah and her age as 20, said prostitutes were terrified just before the war because of rumours there would be a fresh beheading spree.

    "It's great that Saddam has gone because we no longer live in fear," she said. "But it's dangerous work. There's no control and everybody has got guns -- even the boys."

    Across the street there is more evidence sexual repression left the city with Saddam's fall -- business is brisk at the Atlas cinema that no longer shows censored films with even the kissing edited out.

    The dingy cinema has two posters touting soft-porn movies. One pre-war film, "Miranda," has the low-cut blouse of the star blacked out but alongside it this week's release advertises a blonde in black suspenders and bra writhing on a bed.

    Amar Adnan, the cinema manager, shows off the "Blue Chill" poster with a wide grin. "This is freedom. It's so wonderful they kicked Saddam out," he said.

    U.S. soldiers who man checkpoints and guard government buildings sitting on tanks say men approach them to offer cigarettes, Pepsi Cola, gum -- and frequently prostitutes.

    "We have orders not to buy anything from the Iraqis. And hookers -- that's a big no-no," U.S. Private Hassan Seyhun said.

    Shopkeeper Mohammed is also not buying. He worries the sudden resurgence of prostitution will spread through the city and stain the reputation of his quiet neighbourhood again.

    "When I saw Um Jenan's body lying on the pavement, I felt no pity at all," he said. "That's what should be done with them."

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    04/29/2003 11:47

  • Shutterbug

    One of Saddams sons used to demand school teachers bring pictures of their female students, aged 10 to 13, so he could pick out the ones he wanted for his personal pleasure. I don't care rather they find weapons of mass destruction or not, this creep, hopefully, is now dog meat. Bug

  • foreword

    So this is how the story goes......

    First it was the WMD, well didn't find any there.......

    so, let's get rid of the tyrant.......Oh well, he's still alive......but we brought down his regime....sure OK.

    then, let's free the people of Iraq........but yet you want to hang around, to make sure their freedom is within your ideology.....otherwise..... why would you stay against their wishes? you've freed the prostitutes.......that's your reason for doing war???

    A beheaded prostitute in America is not even important enough to make "The News".....but I'm sure something similar has happened without your knowledge.....You do have organised crime do you? And plus, the resources were not there to find or even care for who had committed the crime. So don't give me that line that only that kind of stuff happened in Iraq under Saddam's organized crime regime, and that's the reason why you freed them from him.

    That was my whole point from the beginning, why go stick your nose in somebody else's business when you have plenty to do at home.

    Take the rafter from your eye, then you can remove the straw from your friend's eye.

  • Jayson
    Iraqi prostitutes back on the streets after Saddam

    Thichi....You're not trolling are you hehe

    Did you read that Belgium, France, Germany & Luxemburg are looking to form their own military group in opposition to the US invasion of Iraq? Of course they say it is not an anti-US-NATO move. But last time that Germany has it's own coalition we had quite a little war didn't we? I hope that the US does not have to start bombing them again. It seems closer and closer to them being the "other team." Also the UN re-elected Cuba to the top human rights body, "like putting Al Capone in charge of bank security." (US reponse) And, Russian President Putin also has put himself at odds with the US by saying that santions should not be lifted against Iraq until the existence of any banned weapons is clarified.

    Source IBD 4/30/2003

  • Aztec

    Gawd! Woohoo we liberated the prostitutes!!! I say that made the whole bloody mess worthwile eh? I think the whole pro-war movement is grasping at straws. Excellent points foreward! ~Aztec

  • Jayson

    Aztec and Forward you have really hurt my feelings with your antiwar comments. Here we are trying to do a good thing and you guys keep being so mean.

    Jayson (Of the pretends to wipe a tear class.)

  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    I can't believe nobody has figured this out yet. The prostitutes are Saddam's WMD. Here is how it works:

    Saddam and his sons infect all these prostitutes with HIV. Then they are released into the cities to spread HIV to the US soldiers. The US soldiers come home, and infect others back in America.

    There you have it. The war was justified after all!


  • foreword


    Yup.....just got a call....we are posing nude for the front cover of newsweek.....

    It pays to be anti everyone gets to see your butt.....

  • Aztec

    Stan, you crack me up! :) Jayson, you are so out of what's REALLY going on you make me sick! Foreward, I will pose nude if you will!:p Did I mention that would require me to unstrap 40 D's! Hahahahahhahah! I'm such a nut! Er....LOL! ~Aztec

  • foreword

    40 d's huh...well...that might require a double front page issue...a never seen in the industry

    Anyway, I was willing, but when they took a good look at my picture they said it would require too much airbrushing, so they cancelled....

    so you're off the

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