WT March 15, 2016 - Kids pressured toward baptism again

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    My God, I read through the article... I hadn't done that in a while... read a WT article. I had forgotten just how they speak. This is absolutely frightening. They interchange between Jehovah and WT back and forth just like there is no difference at all... and than, they have the balls to say that they don't presumptuously speak for him as prophets.

    2nd study, Paragraph 18: "Remember, dedication involves a solemn promise to Jehovah to do his will forever, no matter what happens. Should you be afraid to make such a commitment? Not at all! Bear in mind that Jehovah has your best interests at heart, and he is “the rewarder of those earnestly seeking him.”

    If you suffered from a WT rule that later changed, can you honestly say that it came from God? And yet, if you do not obey when it is in effect, it is the same a rebelling against him! Otter none sense.

    The plain truth is that you are dedicating yourself to 1) God and 2) The Watchtower. The article doesn't make it clear. It simply talks about dedication the God.

  • ttdtt

    Its ALL about locking them in when young!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    This JW practice is no different than infant baptism of other faiths, no different.

    Kids do not know shit from shinola!

    Their bodies along with the brain are developing, evolving, maturing; this is why they cannot enter into a legally binding contract.

    No wonder why Jesus waited 'til being fully cooked prior to taking on such commitment.

    The WTBTS is only interested in the numbers. The $$$ and numbers. That's all.


  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer

    @ sugar shane.

    When I learned ttatt ten years ago my children were 12 and 8 years old. My VERY JW husband and I had a rough time for quite a while. One thing that I thought to be very important to have an agreement on was to NOT push the children (or have any elder push them or ask them or whatever) towards baptism before the age of 18. (I figured by then they would be wise enough to choose otherwise.)

    I told him that Jesus was 30 when he got baptised, so there was no 'biblical' reason to hurry. That, and the fact that we had seen so many young people being baptised only to be disfellowshipped later, and the pain their parents live in, was enough to convince him that baptism should not be hurried.

    Both children are not (and will not be) baptized as far as I can see. They are 22 and almost 18, and indeed they know better now. :-)

  • DesirousOfChange

    Sugar Shane-

    It's not unheard of for brothers to baptize the children of unbelievers "behind their back". The children might be encouraged to "obey God rather than men" (even their father); or to take a stand as the 3 Hebrew "children" did even at the risk of being thrown into the furnace; or to be like Timothy who had an unbelieving father but was "adopted" or mentored by Paul. You must be on guard and keep close communication with your kids.

    Good luck


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