Are you a CITY or COUNTRY person?

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  • JH

    I just came back from Montreal, and let me tell you the traffic is horrible. A city of 3.4 million is big.

    I rather live in a smaller town like where I live, with not much stress compared to a big city. Too small is not better, cause there is nothing to do and there are no services.

    Do you prefer living in the coutry side, in a small city, or in a big huge mega city where you can do all kinds of things every day?

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Hi JH:

    I am definitely a country person. That is prolly why my handle is Country Girl. I can't STAND living in a crowded place where everyone is so impersonal and rude. I go to town sometiems, and the traffic is horrendous, and the people are so mean. I am so used to people being in a small town and being really nice. I may not be all "trendy" and stuff... btu I am definitely happier.

    Country Girl

  • teenyuck

    I grew up in Chicago....huge with lots to do. I love it.

    I now am in Columbus, Ohio. Mid-size. I love it.

    We live on the edge of the city---country line. Literally. 1/4 mile away the population drops and farm land starts. One of our neighbors, who did not sell out to the developer, has a rooster and horses. Every morning that friggin rooster crows at dawn.

    The traffic here, even during rush hour, moves. In Chicago, you sit. And inch forward. Rush hour here is 1.5 hours, morning and evening. In Chicago it is now all day. What used to take 35 minutes to drive in Chicago, now takes 1.5 hours or more. I can get anywhere in the Columbus area in 45 minutes.

    I am not into the country. Too many bugs. And grass to cut. I am watching my neighbor on his riding mower right now. It will take him 3.5 hours to mow, trim and clean up his .33 acre lot. We hire someone and it takes him 45 minutes to mow, trim and clean up our 1/2 acre lot. We are on a hilly lot and I ruptured a disc in my lower back the first time I mowed, 2 years ago. Now I pay someone.

    I like the suburbs....yet I have a 20 minute drive downtown, which is 15 miles. Columbus is really well laid out, as cities go. There are 1.5 million here and you would not know it. Compared to Chicago, getting around Columbus is a cake-walk.

    I lived in Wichita Kansas for 3 years. Small town. 350,000 in the metro area which was 6 counties. That place sucked. Dry, brown, hot, flat, dull....the list goes on and on.

  • happyout

    I live in So. Cal, in an area called the South Bay. I live in a suburb, which is cool, because it's not rural, but there is not the same overcrowding as in many cities. In my city, there is not a movie theater or even a gym, but I can get to thos amenities within 15 minutes if I choose. My city is very racially diverse, in fact, one of the city papers said it is the most diverse in the country (don't know if that was propoganda or true). There are plenty of parks, and the neighbors (at least on my street) say hello and are friendly.

    Happyout (of the small city class)

  • SpannerintheWorks

    I'm not a country OR a city person. More like a TOWN person! You have them in the US of A, don't you?


  • kls

    Raised in the city,lived in the country now for 15yrs.would not want be any were else.I see wild turkeys,deer, pheasent out my window.My house is 1000ft. up a steep hill and i can see forever.City for shopping, country for living.

  • Undecided

    Definitely a small town guy. I was raised in the country and still like it out there, but where I live is fine in a small town. It's a lot more relaxing than a big city.

    Ken P.

  • outoftheorg

    Lived in San Diego until 1972. Big city. Much bigger now. Have lived in 150000 poulation cities. Now life in a 5500 population town.

    Have a few acres on the river. Once saw 17 pairs of deer eyes at night with a spotlite. Have 2 foxes, one white & one red and some beavers on the property. Neighbor has chickens and a crowing rooster. Next neighbor has 3 horses. Raised 2 steers here last year. Now they are in the freezer!

    Love it all. A real country setting within city limits. Small hospital here and theaters and large stores within 20 minutes. Know the city police chief and county sheriff by first name. Know the hospital administrator "an Aussi" and the director of nursing by first name. Know the fire chief and building inspector by first name.

    Can't beat a small town located in the right surroundings for a fine place to live. South west Idaho.


  • Jesika

    I am a city girl!! I grew up in Dallas,Tx since I was 4. I have lived in suburbs of Dallas, like I do now, but never more than 30 mins away.

    The city I live in now is "dry", and it is a real pain to drive 30 mins to the beer store, when before, I could walk to the corner store. If I wanted to go out, I was 5-10 mins away from a club, or theater. If I forgot that I needed milk or bread or something, I don't have to worry about everything being closed cause it is after 11pm. Almost everything is open 24/7 and I like it that way.

    I just couldn't imagine living away from the city. Hell, even now since I live 30 mins away, I sometimes feel out of touch with the real city, or MEGA city like JH calls it.

    I went back to visit the town I was born in, Toledo, Ohio and I HATED it. It was small, and they had nothing to do there.

    Big City for me thanx.

    Edited to add..........ya the traffic sux, but I wouldn't trade the convience of the city for less traffic. I know all the back roads anyways, I have lived here long enough LOL.

  • nowisee

    thought i was country til i moved to the country. then found out im definitely city - or at least suburbs. nothing like being within 20 miles of nyc in one direction and 20 miles cow country in the other.

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